Arabesque Gloss Vento Gray Beveled Mosaic Arrives!


Beveled Vento Gray Arabesque arrives and is everything we hoped for…. a subtle Gray. Online for $10.95 a Square Foot the only mesh mounted Beveled Gray Arabesque of this size in the USA. The only other option is loose pieces. We have this in loose pieces as well.

This is designed to speed up installation and lower install costs. Thinking about the consumer not just by a low product cost but the install cost as well.

Vento Gray Arabesque

This image attempts to show the color of the Gray by being placed next to the Beveled Whisper White Arabesque. We all know white is well….. White ūüôā


This ships for Free! $10.95 a Square Foot¬†prices as valid as long as possible ūüôā


July 2017 and Vento Gray Arabesque Matte Arrives.

Box Vneto Gray

It has almost been a year since the introduction of the Gloss Vento Gray. We have had the Matte finish in stock but we have been awaiting for our new warehouse to provide space so we can bring it here. That space is now here: Matte Finish of the Vento Gray Arabesque $10.95 a Square Foot (which is a sheet arrives). You can see against the printer white background it is just a few shades towards Gray than White which is exactly what we were looking to create.

The Matte Finish is a great feel. I love the smooth yet slight textured feel of it.

Beveled Spec Sheet

Specification sheet for the Mesh Mosaic of our Arabesque Mosaic Beveled Tiles.


Arabesque Mosaic Options for Under $7/SF

Arabesque Options for under 7Here are three great products that are all under $7.00 a Square Foot. You have Fog Crackle Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot then White Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot in Gloss and Matte Versions and then Finally Bianco Arabesque but as of March 29th 2016 will be called by us “Antique Design Arabesque“. But as I write this blog I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do or look like Bianco at all. Not even close. The Supplier called the product on the far left “Bianco”. I have no idea why???

So I am making an executive decision and changing the name to “Antique Design” as it has an almost antique effect to the edge. See below. ¬†I have changed the image above so now it all makes sense!

Detail on the Bianco I likeYou can see the Antique effect here better on a close up. It is practically impossible to see online, you can see that it is not quite white by the comparison shot. IMHO it is the antiquing effect on the edge that makes this product so different.

It will also create the largest challenge to selling online. It really is a “retailer”in store product. If you see if you would go “ahhh…..” but with pictures it looks no different as the effect on the edge cannot be seen. It will sell well locally in our new facility.

This product is from MS International but to call this “Bianco White” as they have done, is misleading to the consumer. I think it is done for the purpose of attracting traffic. The word Bianco is a popular word. So instead of describing what they see they are going for the best possible social media hits or perhaps they just do not know. But this is not a Bianco. Does not look like Bianco. It has no veining at all!

$17.95 a Square Foot Glass Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Brillaiant White Glass Arabesque Mosaic

Brilliant White Arabesque Tile $17.95 a Square Foot thru January 2016.  Most sheets in the market today are far smaller than a square foot. Our objective is always to try and get it to the square foot or higher.  This sheet is a Square Foot.  So it is $17.95 a Square Foot. No Gimmicks or games.

Ocean Gray Arabesque Logo$17.95 a Square Foot Ocean Gray Arabesque Mosaic Tile available online from The Builder Depot no Gimmicks or games premium glass mesh backed mosaic tiles at great prices.

Glass Arabesque Spec Sheet

Each Glass Piece on this Arabesque can be summarized from the drawing above.  This is on a mesh for ease of installation.

162.2mm in Height = 6.4 Inches in Height

137.3mm in Width = 5.4 Inches in Width

So lets review some of the competition and then be shocked ūüôā

Glass Tile Tricks

This is so confusing someone check my math! It is in my opinion advertised at one price but actually sold at another?  This is probably just a big company. They trusted the 3rd party who uploaded it*. It could be the people in charge are so far detached from the front line they cannot see any mistakes.

*I have to guess because I am just sent a screen shot of the product, all the company information is removed.  This is done so I make unbiased views and not upset anyone.

So why is this happening? The Mistake is just a mistake in my opinion. But why are companies higher than us if this is $33.99? Different business model. Because the leaders are too far away from the front line?  Have already done an IPO? Now less involved? Taken the cash windfall  and just quit to a desert island.  There are endless possibilities without knowing the business

Most likely there are too many lines who can know them all?¬†I do not know, I am guessing, (I was just passed this picture with all company information removed, as I ask for this to be done, so I can make a blog about the product screenshot without¬†any¬†bias). I am not this company¬†and would never presume to judge. One thing is fair, once you have millions of products, let’s just assume they do the site looks to be on a platform that would cost a few hundred thousand, there is no way to be 100% accurate on all of them. We can struggle with just 2,000 products and customers occasionally¬†point out where we have put honed instead of polished. ¬†So I am¬†definitely¬†not throwing stones in glass houses.

My point is not the price error but either price is this is either $24.15 or $33.99 a Square Foot, we are a lot lower at $17.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping.

You may be thinking….”Our Glass Arabesque is not one of those if it is too good to be true”. ¬†It really is the correct price and quality. ¬†Glass kiln fused back and 8mm thick. We simply earn a whole lot less and¬†do more with less people.

If my math is correct and the competition¬†is selling a very similar product for $33.99 a Square Foot. To get to their high price point…. someone is buying from someone who is buying from someone, who has no idea of costs (most likely this). Or¬†a multi-distribution chain with loads of middlemen or the seller sees this as an opportunity to make a significant margin off a new product that has only entered the market in summer 2015. ¬†Or we are just priced extremely low ūüôā

One of the best collections for multiple formats – Carrara Venato

Concept Board Venato

Carrara Venato Collection just goes together from format to format like a dream. White based, really white based. From format to format.

Owned exclusively by and trademark protected. This incredible marble can only be purchased from our website. Considering that (and we own it exclusively) we made the prices fair, as fair as possible, trying to allow customers to add value back to their homes.

For example; the Carrara Venato Honed 6×12″ is $8.00¬†a square foot, the Basketweave is $10.95SF and Free Shipping¬†on the basketweave Honed (thru Feb¬†2016). The Arabesque can be bought by the square foot¬†honed for $16.95 and also these items are in Polished as well.¬†(we try and offer everything in honed and polished). Or if you are like me, by it in borders already cut and remove the black or gray section, or leave on. Depending on the look you are going for, Arabesque Border Black Marble Edge Honed and Polished for $13.95 each or with Italian Bardiglio edge for same price in Honed and Polished.

An amazing collection endless combinations but a secret as we have actually yet to spend any money advertising it, we have just grown the old fashion way. Word of mouth. ¬†We have appeared in trade press, but that is¬†because they asked and the same applies for our DIY spot on “I hate my Bath“.

For us the reality, marble is a finite resource our quarry will like others run out or become more difficult to get to the places we need to. So advertising a product that you have absolutely no rush in selling in the big trade press makes no sense. ¬†They can cost over $350K. I was shocked. That would change a $10.95SF Basketweave to over $30SF which I suppose is where the others are. ¬†Instead we have gone for a no frills marketing strategy. ¬†We are not chasing numbers, we have no debt. We want to do the best possible job and then pass it on ensuring a hard-work ethic continues, “do more with less”.

In fact our hurry to sell is so little that we do not even have a sales team. Just people to provide clarity and honesty, for example; one employee has a degree in forensic science with a major in law and another in Pastoral Theology.  This is not a sales team and this is who we look for. Honesty. Present the facts let the consumer decide. Never sell. If our job is done right, the product will sell itself.

Carrara Bianco Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Carrara Bianco ArabesquePremium Arabesque Mosaic Tile available in honed and polished for $16.95 a sheet.