Calacatta Gold Update

Calacatta Gold updates (May 24, 2011).  As of today the Calacatta collection is taking backorders.  The first products will arrive at the start of July.  This will be the Calacatta Gold 3×6” subway tile and Calacatta Gold 2” Hexagon.  We already have samples in stock and ready to ship, we recommend any customer seeking unrivaled quality and pricing on premium Calacatta marble place backorders.

This product is quite exclusive and there is not a huge supply, we will do our best to keep this product in stock but please be aware there will be times when certain items will be out of stock.  However any customer that places backorders will get that product as it will be ordered and placed directly with the quarry.

The following will be the Calacatta Gold collection:

  • 3×6” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Polished
  • 6×12” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Polished
  • 2” Hexagon Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 1×2” Basketweave Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 1×2” Herringbone Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 12” Pencil Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 12” Chair Rail Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 4×12” Skirting Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 3×6” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Honed
  • 6×12” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Honed
  • 2” Hexagon Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 1×2” Basketweave Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 1×2” Herringbone Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 12” Pencil Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 12” Chair Rail Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 4×12” Skirting Calacatta Gold Honed

Customer Bathroom completed with Carrara Venato

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This customer placed an order two complete bathrooms – above is the first (the second has basketweave flooring, with 3×6″ on the walls and Hexagon border) for approximately $5,000.  The customer commented below:

“Hi Guys.  I know I’m delayed in getting these to you, but here are pictures of our master bath using your tile (herringbone mosaic, 3×6, 6×12, crown).  Please let me know if the pictures don’t come through.  It is stunning!  I couldn’t be happier.  The only tile that’s not yours is the border tile, which is from Ann Sacks.  As you can see, the Ann Sacks tile is a bit darker — I like your tile better!  I’ll send you pictures of the hall bath in another email.”

The products used to complete this bathroom are:

  • Carrara Venato 3×6″ ($7SF)
  • Carrara Venato 6×12″ ($8SF)
  • Carrara Venato Crown Molding ($13.95SF)
  • Carrara Venato Herringbone ($10.95SF)

Builders Depot in Country Living Magazine

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So now seems like an appropriate time to show our customers that we are not only have the worlds largest selection of Carrara marble mosaics (the only company with two seperate collections Venato & Bianco) but we also get noticed by the Home Improvement media in particular our Carrara Hexagon mosaic.

Appearing in ‘The Simple Beauty of White’ February issue of Country Living Builders Depot continues it’s ever increasing poularity of premium Carrara marble collections with endorsement of its Traditions in Stone collection of Carrara Venato 1″ Carrara Hexagon mosaic for $10.95SF (Free Shipping as of May 6th 2011)

We were excited to be included in this article but with recognition from the Home Improvement/DIY media comes more opportunity… the Carrara Bianco collection will be shown on an upcoming episode of HGTV’s new show ‘I Hate My Bathroom’ taken from the popular show ‘I Hate my Kitchen’.  Please stay tuned we will post images and video of the installation and our Carrara Bianco collection, so instead of a picture it is time for the next step on the tube (more like plasma these days).