Arabesque Vento Gray Beveled Mosaic Arrives!


Beveled Vento Gray Arabesque arrives and is everything we hoped for…. a subtle Gray. Online for $11.95 a Square Foot the only mesh mounted Beveled Gray Arabesque of this size in the USA. The only other option is loose pieces. We have this in loose pieces as well.

This is designed to speed up installation and lower install costs. Thinking about the consumer not just by a low product cost but the install cost as well.


This image attempts to show the color of the Gray by being placed next to the Beveled Whisper White Arabesque. We all know white is well….. White 🙂


This ships for Free! $11.95 a Square Foot (prices valid thru 2016).

Arabesque maybe the #1 Shape of 2016

Arabesque Mosaics

Will the Arabesque Format be the #1 format of 2016? Not sure Hexagon is putting up a fight. It is a Timeless Classic. I really suppose it depends on options. The more options of Arabesque we add the more we sell. The new Vento Gray will be $11.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2016. Available around mid September.

Whisper White Looks Good with Anything

Whisper White 3x6 Backsplash

Whisper White Collection • Handcrafted 3×6 inch $8.50 Sq.Ft. to give it that undulated antique • Then a Whisper White Herringbone has been chosen for the picture frame created by the matching chair rail for $2.95 each. But could have easily used the matching Whisper White Arabesque for $10.25 a Square Foot to create the picture frame. Or a White Glass Arabesque for $16.95 a Square Foot.

Highland Park

This page has the Whisper White Collection.

Other White Options

This page from Bridgewater Ceramics continues it on with even more options

Arabesque Mosaic Options for Under $7/SF

Arabesque Options for under 7Here are three great products that are all under $7.00 a Square Foot. You have Fog Crackle Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot then White Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot in Gloss and Matte Versions and then Finally Bianco Arabesque but as of March 29th 2016 will be called by us “Antique Design Arabesque“. But as I write this blog I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do or look like Bianco at all. Not even close. The Supplier called the product on the far left “Bianco”. I have no idea why???

So I am making an executive decision and changing the name to “Antique Design” as it has an almost antique effect to the edge. See below.  I have changed the image above so now it all makes sense!

Detail on the Bianco I likeYou can see the Antique effect here better on a close up. It is practically impossible to see online, you can see that it is not quite white by the comparison shot. IMHO it is the antiquing effect on the edge that makes this product so different.

It will also create the largest challenge to selling online. It really is a “retailer”in store product. If you see if you would go “ahhh…..” but with pictures it looks no different as the effect on the edge cannot be seen. It will sell well locally in our new facility.

This product is from MS International but to call this “Bianco White” as they have done, is misleading to the consumer. I think it is done for the purpose of attracting traffic. The word Bianco is a popular word. So instead of describing what they see they are going for the best possible social media hits or perhaps they just do not know. But this is not a Bianco. Does not look like Bianco. It has no veining at all!

Just looks wonderful……

1Beveled Arabesque Whisper WhiteSometimes customers are wonderful they send in pictures and there really is no need for words. It just looks incredible (move me in!) $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (for 2016). Beveled Whisper White Arabesque Tile available in a Gloss and Matte finish. Part of the Bridgewater collection.

3Beveled Arabesque Whsiper White

Arabesque Large Format without a Bevel

$10.95 a Square Foot Matte Arabesque available in Gloss finish arabesque as well. And we thought, Free Shipping as well (prices valid for 2016). Each piece is 6.1″ (155mm) in height and 5.1″ (130mm) in width. One sheet covers a square foot 8 pieces. Just as a 3×6″ on a mesh would. There is a spec drawing attached.

We have had the Beveled version of Arabesque large format in stock for over a year and it has been selling well. Then people ask if we have it without the bevel? And how about on a mesh for easier installation? I agree. Good plan. So we did just that and here it is. In Gloss and Matte or flat, but not a shiny finish 🙂

Personally I prefer my iPhone warehouse pic as the product arrives, that is the one in the box it is real. I love warehouse pictures, just open the box and take a picture (job done in 10 seconds), forget all the frills. Keep the cost down for the customer not waste it on models draped over tiles, I mean that is not too likely in someones home, is it? I want it realistic. So what you see is what you get. I do not think customers should have to pay for unrealistic images, as that is where the cost has to go….  onto the product. Eliminate that cost and you can offer better value. Now that I can live with!

Big companies reduce the size of mosaics to boost sales!


The HEADLINE PRICE IS LOWER – THE PRODUCT IS SMALLER (But consumers fail to notice).

This is an unfortunate trend we have noticed. Companies are reducing the size of mosaic sheets. This is one clear example. Our Penny round in white and on the bottom and the big box retailer is black and on the top.

Big box retailers listed on the stock market are continually under pressure to increase profits. One way to do that is to offer lower price. Sell by “the Sheet” this allows the ‘Big Box’ to sell at a lower price. The price the consumer sees or the HIGHLIGHTED PRICE is low, it is low because a quarter of the sheet is missing.

The same trend has moved into Hexagon. Particularly the 2″ Hexagon mosaic sheets have become a 6 by 6  (6 Columns by 6 Rows) for a total of 36 pieces of 2″ Hexagon. Ours is still 7 by 6 or a total of 42 pieces of 2″ Hexagon. Forty two pieces creates a full sheet a complete square foot thirty size pieces do not.

Few consumers notice this when buying. They see a HEADLINE price. Do not look at the specs. They buy. Then when installing they realize they cannot complete the job. They have to wait to get more, if the supplier has run out….. the worst case is they have to start again. Especially in marble when matching lots is important.

I am sure as corporations try to compete with private companies like ours that have little interest in being millionaires. Flying in private jets or driving around in excessive cars. NYSE listed big boxes will have to come up with more innovative ways to essentially “stick it to the customer”.

As for us, The Builder Depot. We will always put our employees and customers first. Sell a product that is as close as possible to a full square foot. Simply because it is the right thing to do. It fits with who we are a company with Integrity where our actions are based on our values rather than personal gain.