Italian Carrara 2″ Hexagon with Bardiglio Gray Strip

Carrara Hexagon Mosaic with Bardiglio Gray StripIt has been out of stock for a few weeks, newly arrived Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon with Bardiglio Gray strips $12.95 a square foot.  Perfect for shower floors and bathroom floors with the extra bit of grout providing more traction underfoot.

Carrara Venato Subway Tile

Carrara Venato TileThese incredible pictures are from Koko Likes Blog post ‘The Kitchen Remodel: Final Reveal‘ the backsplash used our Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Marble Tile only $7.00SF (but like anyone that wants an incredible look, over order by 20% then you can discard tiles that do not fit the look you are trying to create)

Venato 3x6Carrara Venato Collection (probably the whitest based Carrara in the world).  See this backsplash being created on Koko Likes Blog. Please note when you see the perfect shower or bathroom in a magazine and think “I want that” and you need 90/SF, do not order 90/SF. To get the perfect look people over order and do so significantly.  They throw tiles away, they pick through, they lay it out prior to install.  They create a picture a master piece.

Carrara Venato 2″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile Honed and Polished

Carrara Venato 2" HexagonCarrara Venato 2″ Hexagon Honed (Perfect White Based Marble) $11.75SF

Carrara Venato 2x2" Hexagon PolishedCarrara Venato 2″ Hexagon Polished Marble $11.75SF Awards keep coming Year after Year….!

While we have been in Business Longer than it is still nice to be recognized by the upcoming youngsters of technology 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.02.06 PM

We are on a Roll!  Three Years in a Row. Here is the press release.

Email from and full press release here.  What does it really mean?  We work hard to answer questions give advice and have some nice reviews left by our customers as well here as well as the two tabs on the top of this blog that show eBay and testimonials and some great reviews on here (we can go on please email us if you need more).

Now we have 2014 and 2015 Best of

What a great way to start the year with an email from  We are one of the recipients selected from 25 million monthly users to win the Best of Houzz ‘Service’ award for 2015 (which is awesome to say the least and can be added to the one we won in 2014!).

We are thrilled to be recognized and it goes to the heart of who we are ‘Service’.  The natural stone with which we work with requires exceptional quality control from quarry to shipping out to the customer.  Assisting customers on the phone, with pictures, samples and advice are a just few ways in which we go beyond the usual click and ship ecommerce business.  You can read the full press release here.  A big thank you to Houzz and to all our followers.

The Builder Depot Logo

Yahoo Awards

We also made a clean sweep for two of the main Pro Seller and Top Destination awards from Yahoo for 2014.  With well over one million businesses using the Yahoo eCommerce platform it is nice to be recognized as one of the top few.


Carrara Venato 2×4″ Polished Subway Tile

Carrara Venato 2x4" Subway Tile PolishedCarrara Venato 2×4″ Polished Mosaic Tile $8.50 a square foot

Carrara (Carrera) Venato 2x4" Subway Tile Polished MarbleWhite Based Carrara Venato 2×4″ Polished Subway Tile exclusive the The Builder Depot

Carrara Venato Arabesque Marble Mosaic Tile

Carrara Arabesque Venato polished Mosaic TileThe Carrara Venato Polished Arabesque with it’s white background is the perfect design for any bathroom or kitchen backsplash and priced at just $16.95 a square foot this sought after Moroccan look is now affordable.