Carrara Bianco 3×6″ Kitchen Backsplash

Premium Italian Honed 3×6″ Carrara Marble Backsplash

Carrara Venato Basketweave and 6×12″ Subway Tile

Carrara Venato 1×2″ Basketweave Honed ($10.95SF and Free Shipping) along with Carrara Venato 6×12″ Honed

Customers are often looking for a whiter based marble for their bathroom renovation projects.  At The Builder Depot, white based marble is what we have focused on with the Carrara Venato collection.  The picture above taken in our warehouse with a simple cell phone camera set on a black background shows how white the base of this spectacular marble actually is, quite incredible if we say ourselves.

6×12″ has been one of the fastest growing tile product.  In 2007 everyone wanted 3×6″ as it is the more classic subway tile (even though 3×8″ is the actual original NY subway tile size).  In 2010 6×12″ started to take off, consumers liked fewer grout lines and an overall cleaner appearance.  To see 6×12″ Carrara Venato installed in a bathroom click here.

Carrara Venato 2×4″ Beveled Subway Tile

Carrara Venato Honed 2×4″ Beveled Subway Tile $9.50SF and Carrara Venato Polished Basketweave $10.95SF

Honed 2×4″ Beveled New Product for August 2012

One of the most exciting new products for 2012.  The increasing use of Italian marble for countertops has seen an increasing demand for matching mosaic backslashes.  Carrara Venato 2×4″ Subway Tile beveled design is one of the best backsplash designs.  The look adds a classic yet modern design that visitors to your kitchen cannot resist to touch.  Just watch as everyone who comes into your kitchen will have to touch the smooth satin finish of honed marble.

Italian Calacatta 12×12″ Honed Marble Tile

Calacatta Borghini 12×12 Honed Marble Tiles

To show how white Calacatta Borghini is this is a piece of Carrara ‘CD’ from Italy.  It really shows how perfectly white Calacatta Borghini actually is.

Bianco Carrara Collection

Bianco Carrara Collection

A few products from the Bianco Carrara Collection.  Shown here is 3×6″ Carrara Subway Tile, 1×2″ Carrara Herringbone, 2″ Carrara Hexagon, 12″ Carrara Skirting Baseboard trim, 12″ Carrara Chair Rail trim and finally 12″ Carrara pencil trim.  This is a perfectly matched collection of products.  Carrara marble at its best with white base and perfect gray veining.

Bianco Display

We start out with this. A box of Basketweave, border and 3×6″ Carrara Subway Tile

Then arrange then into a nice layout

Post office Gold


Royal Mail (British version of USPS) promised before the start of the Olympics that they would paint the postbox in any gold medal winners town gold for the duration of the games.

Unlike the USA the Postman (affectionately called a Postie regardless of gender) does not pick up mail from individual post boxes with flags. They deliver mail through the door letterbox. But outgoing mail is taken to the Red postbox. Now in I believe Gold, in 16 towns. Very cool.

Calacatta Borghini Collection

Angle photograph to show the polished finish

While taking pictures of Calacatta Borghini on a warehouse floor in Alpharetta, GA may not do the product justice (and with a cell phone camera) it does however show the product in it’s worst light.  Given that if you think this is pretty, imagine how it would look when properly installed on a bathroom (and not our dirty, dusty warehouse floor).