Calacatta Polished 3×6″ $12.95SF

Premium Italian Calacatta marble mosaics and field tile.  The first part of the collection to arrive will be on July 15th with 2″ Polished Calacatta Hexagon and 3×6″ Calacatta Polished Subway tile.  The restocking date for this material will be August 10th so we already apologize for the limited availability of this item.

This is the best Calacatta available and selling in retail stores for $70.00SF.  So at a price of just $12.95SF you can imagine the interest – we are already receiving daily inquires and the back orders are adding up.  If you have an interest in this product – we have samples in stock.  Please order a sample and place a back order.  For more information you can email us directly at

Getting Carrara is easy. Getting Good Carrara is not.

July 15th will see the arrival of more Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Honed along with more Carrara Bianco Honed products, 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile, Herringbone 1×2″ mosaic, Basketweave Honed Mosaic,  Chair rail, skirting and pencil.

The Builder Depot is always asked about our inventory contractors and major home builders wish to buy large quantities but we have had some inventory issues.  Actually the inventory issue is not so much to do with getting a ‘Carrara product’, getting Carrara is relatively easy getting good Carrara is not.  There are many quarries and factories that can ship what they consider Carrara.  In fact we could order 240 pallets today but it would be ‘Gray Carrara’, ‘Chinese white’ or ‘Turkish Carrara’, there is so much Turkish Carrara on the market today.

Turkish Carrara is a terrible looking product, a quartz appearance in the stone along with gray smudges that the wholesales contests is veining.  Turkish Carrara is not Carrara it is not from Carrara Italy in many countries Britain for example this marketing trickery is illegal it would fall under the ‘Trade Description Act’ as essentially a fake with the intention to deceive the consumer.  How business especially our online competitors can sell this product and not state that it is from Turkey and be upfront with the consumer is quite astonishing.

Our Carrara is a product we have selected for is white base appearance.  It is the best in the market today – compared to Walker Zanger or Ann Sacks our product is better in appearance but also saves 70% when buying online from us (do not take our word for it – you can order a sample online today).  So we have:

  1. The Best Carrara marble collection in the USA
  2. The lowest prices in the USA
  3. Limited  availability of white based Italian Carrara
  4. High demand for genuine Italian Carrara
The number 3 issue is the major problem, as stated before getting a lower quality Carrara is not an issue but if we at The Builder Depot want to hold ourselves to a higher standard then unfortunately there will be times when we are ‘Out of Stock’.  In order to get your shipment of genuine Italian Carrara we suggest the back order process.  For example July 15th will see the arrival of a container of premium Italian Carrara – you can place a back order for this now, then when it arrives you will be guaranteed your order (all long as the back orders do not exceed the incoming container quantity).

$10.95SF Free Shipping Carrara 1″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile