Amazing Before and After Kitchen Reveal!

Before RoomNeed no introduction this is the before and many more pictures here on Pneumatic Addict, nothing more than a good reveal on a Friday night 🙂

After I suppose it does not hurt to mention that the backsplash here is a metal brick backsplash. This is our collection. It is the 1×2″ Brick Backsplash, it is a good choice. Part of our Stainless Steel Mosaic Collection. You have to be careful when buying stainless steel online, make sure you get a 304 stainless steel finish or at least some verification that they even know what that “304 means”. It means it is corrosive resistant. Perfect for this application.

For 2016 all our 304 Stainless Steel Metal Mosaics are $14.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. Find metal for less? I would question the finish. That is how you can reduce the price. Lower the grade of Stainless Steel. Really it all comes back to the same argument. How can you be sure who are the good guys online? Well today you do not even need to work it out.

The company that pretty much is the internet Google has achieved that this year with their Google trusted store program. Given this and if I were a consumer I would recommend buying only from Google Trusted Stores. The agreement is with both Yahoo, Bing and Google in an attempt which is clear: make e-commerce and it’s inevitable growth  safer for everyone. I am sure it is a program that will spread. With all search engines offering every “good guy and company” every opportunity to join. As it is free and painless to join. Leaving the only reason not to join I suppose a nefarious one.

Moroccan Metal. Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile.

Arabesque Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic

Premium Arabesque Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tile $14.95SF

Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles

Premium Metal Mosaic Tiles with a 304 Stainless Steel finish for $14.95SF and Free Shipping

Great Kitchens from Traditional Homes

Great Kitchens from Traditional HomeIn this edition The Builder Depot’s Oval Metal Mosaic appears as a Backsplash in Great Kitchens from Traditional Homes

Metal Mosaic Backsplash from The Builder DepotOne of the Great Kitchens from Traditional Home and it is a masterpiece

Oval Metal MosaicThe Oval Mosaics just $14.95/SF and Free Shipping

Oval Metal MosaicsIt is nice to see our products in these magazines.  We do not pay to be in them but often we are one of the chosen products for which we are grateful for the free advertisement.

Stainless Steel 1×2″ Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Stainless Steel Mosaic TileIncredible Kitchen Backsplash

1x2 Stainless Steel MosaicThe Builder Depot offers a 304 Stainless Steel finish 1×2″ Brick Metal Mosaic for $14.95/SF and Free Shipping

Brick Metal Mosaic1×2″ Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Stainless Steel for a Steal! $14.95SF and Free Shipping

Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Hexagon Tile $14.95SF + Free Shipping from The Builder Depot

The packaging of our Earthworks Metal Mosaic

Metal Mosaic BoxMetal Mosaic packed in a box

2x2 Metal MosaicWhen you open the box the mosaic are inside, each has a piece of foam between each tile

Film Covering itA plastic film covers the 304 stainless steel mosaic keeping it at it best during transportation

And the mosaicAnd then out of the box and film removed

We thought a post on how the metal is packaged may be a big help.  So here are some pictures showing how it looks in the box.  There is quite a bit of effort at the factory to make sure by the time it gets to you it looks perfect.  Please note orders under full box quantities we’ll wrap in bubble wrap and send in another box.

While this may not be the same format the packaging whether Metal Mosaic 1×1″, Metal Mosaic Pennyrounds or Metal Mosaic 1×2″ remains the same.  Any questions please let us know (and remember our metal mosaic ships for free!)

Rectangles and Squares Metal Mosaic Tiles

Rectangles and Squares angleStainless Steel Rectangles and Squares Mosaic Tiles $14.95SF from

Stainless Steel Metal Oval Design (New for April 2013)

metal mosaic logo

Oval Metal Mosaic TilesPremium 304 Stainless Steel finish Metal Oval Mosaics ($14.95SF)

A Steal on Steel – Stainless Steel Metal Mosaics from $14.95SF

1x2" Stainless Steel Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Premium 304 Stainless Steel 1×2″ Brick Metal Mosaic Tile $14.95SF

Stainless Steel Edger Thin Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Premium 304 Stainless Steel Edger/Thin Brick Metal Mosaic Tile for just $14.95SF