Mixing Venato and Bianco

Venato 12x24%22 along with Bianco Long Octagon and Bardiglio Strips

A great idea and design. This is Carrara Venato 12×124″ which is $9.95 a Square Foot, but not wanting it to be too slippery in a bathroom they inserted and added the Diamond Long Octagon Honed Mosaic $12.75 a Square Foot with a 1×12″ Bardiglio Border strip.

It looks like a lot. But it is $11.75SF for the Floor.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.13.11 PMItalian Carrara Bianco Basketweave Mosaic Honed Floor Tiles. You can spend $50 or $60 a Square Foot in a retail showroom, the more expensive their location the more you pay. Someone has to pay for their costs to be there the location is not free. It is like the casino’s those magnificent hotels and buildings are not there because everyone wins.

The people pay. In the case of expensive retail operations you pay through the product cost. There is no other logical way for them to recover their costs…


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.15.38 PMYou can buy Italian Marble imported Direct from Italy. $11.75 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. The question everyone asks is….  How? or Why? Let’s focus on how. This takes you to a white board video covering the how here.

Why? It just seemed the right thing to do. It will add value back into people homes and not a wasteful supply chain.

Italian Marble 18×18″ Polished coming along….

18x18 Carrara

Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble, the highest grade available for $9.95 a Square Foot available in Polished and Honed from our Bianco Marble Collection (Yellow boots, not included).

Google Trusted… Yes! World First for Natural Stone!

We all must have by now purchased something online. I think it is fair to say that Google are the masters of the world wide web. They have captured the marketing unicorn “synonymity” or “Synonymous with a product or action”.

Throughout history this has always been the goal in the 1980’s we did not photo-copy you would “Xerox this please”. Kleenex is another one, it was not pass me a tissue or napkin it was “Kleenex please” and people “Hoovered up the floor” following the brand Hoover and vacuum cleaners.

Today when we want to look something up we “Google it!” we do not say “Bing it!”

We “Google It!”. So Google has become Synonymous. Will it last? I cannot predict the future so I cannot say, but certainly other brands in this position have lost control. Xerox could not keep their hold, it is hard to keep complete control.

But today June 13 2016. Google is the Internet.

They have a Google Trusted Store Program. They are the only 100% unrivaled most invested mechanism for reviews. Their entire business and keeping the internet clean is based on it as they are the Internet. So why have others not dived in? Something to hide?

I honestly believe the Billion Dollar Home centers are running good systems for reviews.

But when you get into companies that are less than twenty years old and not on the stock market or have less than 2,000 employees and are not in your state then you must fall back on the company that controls the internet. If you are buying on the Internet. Google.Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.31.03 PM

The Builder Depot is the only Google Trusted Store in the online Natural Stone world. Try and buy a complete bathroom of matching tile 6×12″, perhaps 12×24″ and chair rail and pencil along with a matching mosaic…… there is no other Google Trusted Store in the World. The Builder Depot is the only company that sells matching natural stone product collections. A World First!

How are we doing. We are trying to get better every day. Spotting issues. Removing products that do not fit the standards required by Google and pushing the limits.

Ultimately the real trick is not us. It is the consumer. We can fix a terrible supply chain, improve products, but a product that is natural and has variation (aside from our Glass, Wood Look Tile, Metal, porcelain, ceramic…) okay so 70% is natural which means every lot is different. That is where looking at the blog, reading the FAQ page read the Q&A page as well. Finally I would read #15 on the FAQ page, this is mistakes made by others. Reading and reading the website is the key to success. We have a great product. We have an incredible business model that is striving to save consumers money outlined here (and by the reviews below again left on Google)

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.00.12 PM

As a company The Builder Depot seeks to disrupt the inefficient supply chain that has been in place for decades, wasting consumers money. Take those savings and pass them along to the consumer. Keep the savings….. Nope, pass them on. So you can add value to your home. That is our passion!

It is the only Google Trusted Store in the Industry to do so.



Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Premium Grade

Made in Italy

Picture of Honed Bianco Carrara 12×24″ Marble Tile, One Hundred and Ninety Square Feet Shipping out today for $9.95 a Square Foot. Exceptional ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble.

I say premium Grade. But the Bianco Carrara collection is only “C” grade Bianco Carrara which is the best grade of Bianco Carrara available. Many retailers will tell you it is impossible to get or no longer available and they are correct ‘for the distributor they buy from’. But if you have people in Europe an pay cash…..  well…. that is a different story “Why didn’t you just say you bought a suitcase full of Euros? Have a seat”.

We stock this 12×24″ in Honed and Polished for $9.95 a Square Foot (at the time of this post, prices can change at any time).

Well it may start out that way but over a decade you build relationships. You always, always pay cash upfront. You become the #1 customer. The only cash paying account they have. That means….  The very best lots.

It is as they say “Impossible to get, simply because we bought it”.

Buying online follow some simple rules, read about us it outlines what we need from you (we need you to read and understand who we are, we are not salespeople).

Here are a few helpful tips to buying marble online.

Finally. Take your time. Read our FAQ page, particularly #15. Mistakes made by others.

Good luck. Our job is not to sell just to provide the facts. You have to decide to join the thousands and thousands who have bought from us before you.