Long Octagon in Carrara Venato

Carrara Venato Stella Long Octagon MosaicPremium Carrara Long Octagon (Stella) Marble Mosaic Tile $13.95 from thebuilderdepot.com.  Available in Honed and Polished.

Carrara Long Octagon is not a new format, we have been selling it in the Bianco collection for over twelve months.  It is new to the Carrara Venato collection.  With it’s typically Calacatta white base the Carrara Venato Long Octagon or sometimes called Stella pattern stands out with the black Nero Marquina square dot in the between the white tiles of Octagon.  It is a great addition to the Venato line offering those looking to create a classic white and black marble floor a different pattern to the traditional Basketweave.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Carrara Venato Polished Collection

3x6" Carrara Venato Polished and Basketweave

Carrara Venato 3×6″ Polished • Carrara Venato Skirting Polished • Carrara Venato Polished Basketweave • Carrara Venato Polished Chair rail • Carrara Venato Polished Bullnose Pencil part of the Carrara Venato Collection.

Carrara 3x6 and Basketweave

Basketweave and 3×6″ Carrara Venato Polished

Carrara Venato 12×24″

Carrara Venato 12x24

Premium Carrara Venato 12×24″ Marble Tile Honed Finish (price is $9.95SF)

12x24 Box Carrara Venato

We opened a few boxes and took picture of the tiles inside

12x24 Box III

As we go through the box every tile is unique and that is the beauty of natural stone.

We have stocked Carrara 12×24″ in the Bianco collection for some time now and on December 10th we received the first shipment of 12×24″ Honed Carrara Venato.  It arrived December 10th at 4pm and was all sold out by December 12th 3pm.  The product that came in was perfection, marble perfection.  Perfect white base and gray veining, not too busy – just enough.

When we have perfect marble the pallets ship out almost as fast as they come in.  Venato offers a whiter base than most other Carrara products, as close as it gets to Calacatta but without the Calacatta price.  Larger format tiles have become increasingly popular.  They provide a cleaner look with less grout lines and if we get the veining right then it is beautiful.

The next shipments of 12×24″ are due to arrive January 20th and then again in February.  While we will try to bring in more inventory it is not always possible, we refuse to compromise on quality.  So while you can get an endless supply of 12×24 marble you cannot an endless supply of premium 12×24″ marble.  Any questions please let us know sales@thebuilderdepot.com and reference the date and name of the blog.

A Steal on Steel – Stainless Steel Metal Mosaics from $14.95SF

1x2" Stainless Steel Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Premium 304 Stainless Steel 1×2″ Brick Metal Mosaic Tile $14.95SF

Stainless Steel Edger Thin Brick Metal Mosaic Tile

Premium 304 Stainless Steel Edger/Thin Brick Metal Mosaic Tile for just $14.95SF

Carrara Venato 6×12″ Subway Tile and Trims

Carrara Venato 6×12″ along with matching Skirting, Pencil and Chair Rail.

Basketweave is one of the many matching mosaics in the Carrara Venato collection.