Carrara Bianco 1×4″ Herringbone Mosaic Tile – New for July 2015

Bianco 1x4

At $12.95SF this 1×4″ Italian Carrara Herringbone is a perfect addition to our collection of over 30 Herringbone Mosaics and 130 different Italian Bianco Carrara mosaics, tiles and trims.  In short we have Carrara Bianco 1×2″ Herringbone Honed and Polished • Herringbone Bianco Carrara 1×3″ Honed and Polished and now 1×4″ Herringbone Bianco Carrara Honed and Polished all 100% Italian Marble.

Carrara Bianco 1x4

Italian Bianco Carrara 1×4″ Herringbone for $12.95 a Square Foot available in Honed and Polished

Italian Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles – Honed and Polished

Italian Calacatta Tiles MarbleCalacatta Gold to be cut into 6×12″ Honed and 6×12″ Polished for $17.95 a Square Foot

Not a Great year for Calacatta field tiles. Out of stock on the polished 3×6″ for all of 2015 and 2×12″ polished.  This is not because we could not buy Calacatta Gold, on the contrary we have refused almost 40 containers simply based on the quality and then what met with quality in early summer did not meet the price point we wanted for our customers.  But it looks like we are on a roll (literally the tile moves along these rollers). On the plus side we have done well with honed and expanded into some fantastic mosaic.

Calacatta Gold Production Marble Tile

Calacatta Gold – at last some good looking product coming down the line. Note the yellow Wellies these are a must in Italy (which is short for Wellington Boots in England, someone will have to tell me what they are called in the USA pond hoppers? I am not kidding in England these are called Wellies, great name for kids. Wonderful for English weather and puddle splashing, for proof here is a British site selling them here now I have put a link here these brits will be confused by the sudden interest from Americans in their Wellies, they will think, look “Americans want Wellies” and they will export, lets hope they don’t).

These are a must in Italy.  Latest fashion trend? I think not. But then I may have thought the same about fuzzy sheep feet too. So if I am wrong I apologize. I also apologize to my Italian colleague in the yellow wellies as I am pointing them out when in reality yes all of this tile is cut using blades and water, so there is water everywhere and wellies are essential, even yellow works.

I have got way off track, the point is which makes me happy is we have more Calacatta Gold coming in and it looks great. We want the light base color but with banded veining. I am not sure why, it just looks so much better than the thin spidery veining you can get in the Borgihini.  We have had and sold Calacatta Borghini but for us as a business we are aiming for the light base, not veining on all tiles as that would be too busy, but tiles do need to have that wide veining.  It is a very specific look and that may be part of our problem in trying to keep it in stock and clearly selling it for just $17.95 a square foot in 6×12″ honed is not helping.

Coming up on our 8th Year and now it is time to grow again….

New Land Purchased

We need more loading docks. We need to move but where? Then looking out over the back dock it became clear….. behind us! It will be the least disruptive move for everyone.

2015 Current PositionA Birds eye view of the new construction plans

TBD Back DocksThis is the look of the new facility with each collection having its own loading dock. More importantly jobs, jobs, jobs! Perhaps my most favorite part of the business creating employment. Good jobs, double min wage just for the guys working on the front line.  Good Healthcare coverage. People before profits. We are a team and paid as such.

TBD Angle DocksWe are one of UPS freight’s latest accounts north of Atlanta shipping huge volumes every day. But it is the 1,000’s of percent growth that is interesting.  As you can draw a line and know how big this will become. Building the future is exciting for everyone to be apart of.

The new facility will be built over a two phases. Phase one will be a complete building with 15 loading docks and offices this will be an investment of just over $4m. As a business we need this up and running we can get new product shipped (we stock over 2 million square feet in Fulton Industrial (downtown ATL as of Nov 2015 probably 3 million by 2017). New products sitting downtown we cannot fit in our current Alpharetta location and we cannot put online, so they are just sitting there.  Moving has become essential.

Where to move was a tough choice; clearly Buford or even Fulton Industrial has space and it is amazingly affordable.  But do the employees want to move and work there?  That was a definite ” NO”. The employees want to stay where they are. So as a business what do you do? This is my view product quality, price, service are linked to people, the people that work at the company. So as a company we stay local and invest in our people by giving them  location that avoids downtown traffic.

Phase two will be about improving the aesthetics. Creating a showroom for our products. But not your typical showroom. We will catalogue the lots and iPads will allow consumers to see the lots from a comfy chair and with narrowing down the hundreds of options we can find the look they want. Adding to the ascetics on the front off the building and looking after our operation. A place people will be proud to work at and family members will be happy to bring lunch. You want the mothers and fathers that work here for their Children to be proud of them, for what they have accomplished and they should be.

Most importantly an outside kitchen with 2 built in grills for the Friday cookout for everyone.  None of this will have any impact on the product price (so customers please do not worry). This is simply about investing in people. Ensuring this is a place people want to work. A Happy place.

Do you realize people spend 8 hours a day working away from their families, 40 hours a week, if you deduct sleeping it is the majority of your life! They need a place where they want to come to work.  Where they are not exhausted by a 2 hour battle against traffic!  Where they can invite their families for a cookout.

It is our hope….. it will encourage more people to want to work for us, better skilled people and drive the business forwards by attracting the best talent. That in turn should be reflected in the Google Trusted Store reviews if we keep this model.

IMHO we need to change the way companies are run. People before profits. And why not? Change the rules, tired of the quarterly results, monthly results, just be the best we can be and enjoy the journey not the goals.

No debt as we have always done since 2008. So people will have a job and are not impacted by Governments or external factors (as much as possible).  We will always put the customer first but our people second a secure a job/career (call it what you will) for life is the goal. Just like in the good old days, my father worked for one company for 25 years. That security creates less stress and less stress does equal a happier home. Their children will do better at school. Around the cycle goes. It is not difficult. It should not be difficult. To breed contentment.

Could this be written better? Of course it could, a Marketing/PR company could do it. But then that would be another cost, another cost the consumer would have to pay through the product (every cost in a company has to be covered through the product). So instead it is ‘real’, mistakes and all. If anyone can help us with some grammatical corrections I would be grateful 🙂 as we always are. No one is perfect, I can admit it, I am not!

Carrara Bianco Venatino 12×24″ Marble Tile $7.95SF

Carrara Bianco Venatino 12x24 Marble Tile

Trial Price for Carrara Venatino $7.95 a Square Foot this is picture here shows honed. It is an incredible looking Italian 12×24″ marble tile we also have it in 12×12″ honed for $6.95 a Square Foot.

We purchased a few crates to test the market with our factory in Italy as such it has a price on it of just $7.95 a Square Foot.

Carrara Venatino an incredible stone. Not found often in tiles generally sold as slabs due to its high cost and certainly very few mosaics. It’s base is whiter than traditional Carrara Bianco. On a scale chart you would have Carrara “D” which would have a very gray base, then “CD” where the base is lighter (this is what is primarily sold everywhere) and then in the Bianco family you have “C” grade which is what we sell in our collection the lightest gray base you can get.  Then lighter than that you either (switch to Venato with a lot less veining) or if you still want the veining you would need Venatino.

Venatino Marble with Bianco CD on Top copy

This image shows the difference between Carrara CD Marble and Venatino Marble Tile 12×24″

Carrara Bianco 6×18″ Italian Marble Tile $9.95SF.

Carrara Bianco 6x18 TileCarrara Bianco 6×18″ $9.95 a Square Foot available in Honed and Polished.

This is a new format size for 2015 added to our Carrara Bianco Collection of over 150 Mosaics, Tiles and Trims stocked in Georgia and shipped all over the USA. This size is our first large format multiple of three. We have 1×3″ Herringbone on a Mosaic in Honed and Polished for $12.75 a Square Foot.  But 6×18″ takes it from a mosaic to a large format.

It makes larger bathrooms that want a 1×3 dimensional tile to be able to do so without as many grout lines.  It is not on a mesh so that will make the installation harder. I would recommend its use in a brick setting in a bathroom as natural stone tiles are not rectified and creating a Herringbone or any shape on an angle requires a lot of skill as an installer.  If you do opt for the 6×18″ Herringbone pattern, I would not recommend not using a Ceramic installer. We recommend not using Ceramic installers for any natural stone projects, as there are many differences in the process, (use someone qualified by the Marble Institute of America) you would need someone highly qualified, that can shave and adjust tiles to fit the tile. That lays out prior to install and does not install directly box to box.

You would need to over order by 30% to take into account that certain tiles that cannot be used due to the complexity of a 6×18″ Herringbone Installation.  It maybe less a lot depends but again on the skill of the installer.  It is the multiplier effect if you are of by 1mm each time by the time you are at the end of a room 200FT long you could be off by 66mm.  Adjustments need to made along the way to ensure it is accurate, I have seen installers use string and lasers.  If you do not see this or any pre-laid out plan with drawings on the floor.  Then you have a problem.

Carrara Venato 6x12 Marble Tile Herringbone

Carrara Venato 6×12″ Honed $8.00SF installed in Herringbone format (not an easy install to do)

Carrara Venato 6×12″ Honed ($8.00SF) in a Herringbone format.  Not an easy design to create.  Must be dry laid first and then stuck down.  A skilled installer is needed as rectified tiles make Herringbone patterns easy. (Rectified means they are all identical). Natural stone is not rectified and can vary +/- by 1mm in size between tiles sizes making this type of installation a real challenge as small adjustments must be made (not noticeable at all in a running brick format).  This customer over ordered. The installer worked with the tile and made it happen.  Only a true pro can do this.

Carrara Venato 6x12

Even in 6×12″ a Herringbone Tile looks amazing and for just $8.00 a Square Foot in Honed and Polished.  The 6×18″ Bianco Carrara Honed and Polished we hope the elongated look of the multiple of three with create an even better look. The same look you get in the 1×3″ Herringbone.

Beveled 3×6″ Subway Tile (Mesh-Mosaic) Just Arrived! $8.95SF

Pallet of 3x6 Beveled Mosaic Tile

Apologies for the story journey here from Alpharetta, GA. But I have waited over a year for this product and quite excited!  First you have to cut off the straps, then lift of the lid and then you see this. Perfectly shrink wrapped boxes of beautiful Italian marble cut up and given a 9mm bevel and attached to a mesh. This is the first time seeing it in person (we see production pics from our European office). This is at the back of our warehouse so you can see the warehouse lights about 30/40FT in the air shining down on the shrink wrap.  First thing I notice is how well it is packed, perfect. The crate was made precisely for this product. It just looks pretty (so I wanted to share). Then through the window I can see the marble. It looks really good. We know the price is low, it is a new product and we like to give the first few crates a great price so it will be on sale for $8.95 a Square Foot.

Carrara 3x6

Italian Marble Beveled 3×6″ Subway Tile attached to a mesh mosaic for $8.95 a Square Foot.

Okay. So out with the box and take off the shrink wrap. Let’s examine this mosaic (or tile, so used to 3×6″ being a loose tile on a mosaic is new to us, great idea, easier to install, but adds more cost. On the other side it saves on installation as it is so much quicker, would love to get the feedback, if a 3×6″ mesh mosaic can be installed for $3.00 a square foot less but made for just $1.50 a Square Foot more then we should be working together to lower your total installed cost. The installer will not be happy, but the idea is to save our customers money, not make installers more money). Anyway, back to the product. Wow, it looks good and I love the feel. It is a really tactile (not sure if that is the correct word) touchy product, you want to rub your hands over it. Actually you have to! Try and resist.

Carrara Bianco 3x6

This is the Polished 3×6″ Beveled Italian marble tile again the price is the same $8.95 a Square foot. I am sorry but you cannot see the polish from this angle. So I have to take one more getting the warehouse lights to reflect of the marble.

Carrara Bianco Polished 3x6

Here we go now you can see the warehouse lights reflecting of this image. Polished 3×6″ Beveled Subway Tile available online from The Builder Depot.  With 2 new products added the Bianco collection alone is now over 120 different products of Field tiles, Mosaics and Trims.

Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Marble Honed – Free Shipping (2015)

Carrara Bianco Honed Hexagon

Italian Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon honed Mosaic from The Builder Depot available online for $11.75 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (for 2015) available in Honed and Polished finish. Part of a massive collection of over 40 different Hexagon mosaics in natural stone (and one metal mosaic hexagon). This product is shipped to contractors, consumers, homes, retailers, clothing retailers NYC showrooms, Hotels, Casinos and distributors all for the very same price.  It is one price for all!

We are not just a retailer selling this and then brining it into our warehouse from a distributor (with little control).  We are the factory with over 2 million square feet of Italian marble stocked in Georgia (probably the largest quantity of Italian Carrara marble in the world – the other being the mountain in Carrara, Italy).

Carrara Bianco Bathroom – Keeping it Simple

Bianco Carrara Bathroom

Bianco Carrara 2″ Hexagon Honed $11.75 a Square Foot (Free Shipping for 2015) and 3×6″ Subway Tile Honed for $7.50 a Square Foot. With over 200 different products and styles from our Bianco Carrara Collection. Sometimes keeping it simple works really, really well!

Carrara Venato 2×4″ Polished and Beveled Mosaic Tile

Venato 2x4 Beveled Polished

Carrara Venato 2×4″ Beveled Mosaic Tile $9.50 a square foot.  Taken in our warehouse with just an iPhone (inside a pallet, inside out warehouse, so not the best photo spot) you can still see the white interior of the box as a reference point to see how incredibly white Carrara Venato actually is.  Just walking through the warehouse and taking pictures of lots as I go by. Always amazed at the white base color of this collection. Beautiful Stone!