Great Backsplash and Love the Tutorial!

1$9.50/SF Carrara Venato 2×4″ Beveled and Honed

This is from a blog post using our 2×4″ beveled and honed. What I like about this post is the tutorial and how fabulously white the Carrara Venato looks. The effort it takes to maintain over one hundred matching SKU’s so they can be used in any combination is not an easy one, you can tell that from the competition most retailers give you a choice of 6 options at most.

We have to be ready if you order Venato Honed 6×12″ and Venato Honed 12×24″ along with trims and mosaics for a bathroom, we need it to match! You need it to match! The task is not small but you can do it if you have over 2 million square feet to pick lots from and we have been doing it for a very, very long time :)

Venato 2x4 Beveled Polished

This was the picture taken of the product for the customer. So picture approved and then we shipped. Then above you can see the finished job. Carrara Venato the whitest based marble we have yet to see. This beveled 2×4″ is $9.50 a Square Foot available in Honed and Polished as with all our marble products.

Venato Carrara 6×12″ Tile Bathroom $8.00 a Square Foot

Venato 6x12 Subway TileFirstly thank you to a customer for sending these pictures in! Installed in this picture is Carrara Venato 6×12″ Subway Tile $8.00SF Honed used on the wall.  You have to ensure to plan out the look. Get the variation right so the veining is mixed with blank tiles.  The customer and the installer, Kaltin Construction of Naples, FL, worked closely together to perfect this look.

Venato 6x12%22 and Venato 1x3%22The bathroom followed into the shower with the same format. Carrara Venato Honed 6×12″ Subway Tile $8.00 a Square Foot on the wall and Venato Herringbone mesh mosaic 1×3″ $11.45 a Square Foot on the floor (all prices valid thru June 2016).  The mosaic on a shower floor is smart. Grout increases traction creating a wonderful anti-slip surface.

Carrara Venato is a trademarked exclusive product only sold one way through  The Venato collection of 200 Mosaics, Field Tiles and Trims all priced at incredible value considering we are the ones who own it and the trademark.

The 6x12%22 cut into 3x12%22This customer wanted their own creation and worked directly with who assuming your order meets the minimum order requirement of 250SF has become the master of helping customers make any size you need.  We have have it cut, but need volume to make the whole process worth it, we even put the micro-bevel back on the tile, this is not a simple contractor “chop in half”, job this is a factory finish.

For this particular customer they wanted 3×12″ Herringbone on the floor. This was cut from 6×12″ there is waste, cost of cut and shipping, moving product around to the saws and blades. But still at $8.00SF for the 6×12″ Honed which is an excellent price for this marble, they came out at around $12.00 a Square foot for 3×12″ Herringbone floor tile and it looks, well…. incredible.

Everyone in the chain from block selection, to Ben taking pictures and working directly with the customer, to the installer and then the customer being involved during installation created this masterpiece.  When they explain the price of this bathroom and installation, tub, etc was all under $15K, no one can believe it and why would you. This customer probably added $20K to the value of their home, maybe more . Effectively they were paid $5K to have a new bathroom. Happy New Year for them!

Carrara Venato 1×2″ Herringbone Backsplash Installation Blog

Or Herringbone installation collage you click on any picture and it will then take you through their start to finish with our Herringbone.


College Hill4They used Carrara Venato 1×2″ Herringbone Honed to create this look $11.45 Sq.Ft. Along with Pencil trim $9.99EA to cap it off.

A bigger picture of the finished installation of Carrara Venato 1×2″ Herringbone Mosaic Honed $11.45 a Sq.Ft. also could have been in Polished for $11.45 a SqFt. (both free shipping until the summer of 2016).

Bloggers like to Blog, we like to blog. We like to blog about bloggers blogging about us. Especially if they just do it and we run across it as a customer mentions “we saw you on a blog” and of course then we have to try and find it, we are on a lot, but it is nice to find them.  Post their pictures and give them the credit.  This was from College Hill renovation blog.

Venato Wide Basketweave available online for $11.75SF

Carrara Venato wide Basketweave Mosaic TileCarrara Venato wide Basketweave Mosaic Tile with Nero Marquina Black dot available online from the Builder Depot for $11.75 a Sheet. An exclusive collection of over 200 products only available from The Builder Depot.

The difference of Venato and Pietra Carrara

The DifferenceTwo very close collections Pietra Carrara and Venato Carrara but there is a difference in the Herringbone you can see the Pietra Carrara has more variation gray pieces. The Venato while still has gray veining, has less variation of the base color.

On the mosaic it is really difficult to spot the difference. But in bigger tiles the variation would be more noticeable.

 On the outside Pietra is Black boxes and Venato is Brown with our Trade Marked  exclusive Logo.

Pietra Carrara, let’s start there. This is probably going to be a collection but we are not 100% sure in it’s direction at the moment as we engage on a voyage of discovery the consumer benefits by the price savings. The Pietra Carrara Mosaics have to be blended more it has more veining, more life more action and variety going on.  What we do is ensure that the darker and lighter pieces of the mosaic are spread out creating a balanced look. You can see from the image.  It is an incredible mosaic.Carrara Pietra 2%22 Hexagon TileThe 2″ Hexagon in Pietra Carrara $9.75 a Sq.Ft. As long as we blend our end the look is incredible. As a mosaic this to me personally looks better than Venato I am attracted to the Variation and Price.

Quick Mosaic Summary (for those that have to get on with the order).  Mosaics look incredible. Had you removed the Venato from this image. The blending is excellent. Looks great and the price is unbelievable.

Pietra Carrara base color has more variation (to Venato) within the Mosaics. Has more life and more activity for me I like it. I like the way it looks I like the price :) but that is short term and a promotional price. It maybe that it is a collection that can only be made in mosaics. It is still in development and that takes years to build up to a million square feet, pick products, build molds and design.  It is a good product for a bathroom floor.  But if you need a full bathroom project, I would opt for Venato tiles and maybe save a little with Pietra Mosaics.

Pietra CarraraPietra Carrara 6×12″

The Venato collection has a white base but it is difficult to see over larger areas.  Both offer a consistent base but in the field tiles the Venato is whiter slightly because the veining is softer.

No one can have perfection but we are chasing it, and we may just catch excellence (always liked that quote).  To get the best looks do as DIY Network and HGTV we have worked with both. For a 100SF job they order 130SF, they order 30% more and pick exactly what they want and throw away the rest.  With marble over ordering is the key so you can dispose of any rouge tiles but Venato has a whiter look.  You can see it in the room scenes a lot better than one piece.

Why have two collections so close? Because we love marble is the short answer.  No company in the world would class these as two collections except for ours. I know many that overlap the two, it is not easy to split something so close as stone has variation, but this is what we are doing.Venato Concept BoardCarrara Venato. Looking for a bathroom this collection offers a consistent base and that is what we and wanted it turned out that the consumer wanted it as well :)

This is just historical ramble if you wish to continue…. or click on something else and escape……

It was 2006 that I was the very first person (David Shearn typing now) that launched the first online collection of Carrara marble.  You could buy three types of tile (3×6″, 6×6″ and 12×12″), one of 3 mosaics baseboard and a pencil (it was just 6 inches in size back then both base, board and pencil, the baseboard was around $27 a piece). We had 7 choices and it sold incredibly well.  The prices were high as the economies of scale were not in place, machinery not yet perfected. The website looking back which I have screenshots (and do now and again) is embarrassing.

Square tiles sold well in 2006 and then it all went “Subway Tile mad” so I decided to write about it with “It is no longer hip to be square the explosion of subway tiles in the USA” or something along those lines.

By late 2008 we pushed further with collections keeping with Venato as our main line. Carrara Venato has now been sold for eight years and with its length of service granted a Trademark. I believe the only trademarked brand of marble.

Jumping forwards we are at this point. The plan is to offer four lines. Carrara Venato. Pietra Carrara. Bianco Carrara “C” Grade and Bianco Carrara “CD” Grade.  Four collections of marble.  All with 80 to 100 SKUs each with each having one million square feet of inventory in the USA to support them.  We have this in place already with Bianco and Venato.  Businesses are difficult, they cannot standstill you either go forwards or backwards. My goal is: a commitment to the success of others. So forwards we must go.

The world changes quickly so it is difficult to plan to far in advance. But sticking with the core principle of “do more with less and put the customer before profits”. Internally “Empower those within your team making their success your priority. Commit to the success of others and not yourself”. Is a solid company foundation.

I wanted a company where people could work for life. Like companies of our Grandparents or Parents (trying not to get too nostalgic) but that is why our new fulfillment center is built where it is. We could have easily moved somewhere else, but this is designed to be surrounded by the best schools and they are all 10 out of 10 on zillow.

I have yet to meet someone who enjoys a long commute, that is a huge negative. Long commutes impact corporate culture more than companies even understand.

The current website is being changed and will launch with a new fresh look in January 2016 which we have hinted at.  Following behind that is our new fulfillment centre on 5 acres supported by a main Distribution Center in Atlanta.  Next year will be interesting.

One of the best collections for multiple formats – Carrara Venato

Concept Board Venato

Carrara Venato Collection just goes together from format to format like a dream. White based, really white based. From format to format.

Owned exclusively by and trademark protected. This incredible marble can only be purchased from our website. Considering that (and we own it exclusively) we made the prices fair, as fair as possible, trying to allow customers to add value back to their homes.

For example; the Carrara Venato Honed 6×12″ is $8.00 a square foot, the Basketweave is $10.95SF and Free Shipping on the basketweave Honed (thru Feb 2016). The Arabesque can be bought by the square foot honed for $16.95 and also these items are in Polished as well. (we try and offer everything in honed and polished). Or if you are like me, by it in borders already cut and remove the black or gray section, or leave on. Depending on the look you are going for, Arabesque Border Black Marble Edge Honed and Polished for $13.95 each or with Italian Bardiglio edge for same price in Honed and Polished.

An amazing collection endless combinations but a secret as we have actually yet to spend any money advertising it, we have just grown the old fashion way. Word of mouth.  We have appeared in trade press, but that is because they asked and the same applies for our DIY spot on “I hate my Bath“.

For us the reality, marble is a finite resource our quarry will like others run out or become more difficult to get to the places we need to. So advertising a product that you have absolutely no rush in selling in the big trade press makes no sense.  They can cost over $350K. I was shocked. That would change a $10.95SF Basketweave to over $30SF which I suppose is where the others are.  Instead we have gone for a no frills marketing strategy.  We are not chasing numbers, we have no debt. We want to do the best possible job and then pass it on ensuring a hard-work ethic continues, “do more with less”.

In fact our hurry to sell is so little that we do not even have a sales team. Just people to provide clarity and honesty, for example; one employee has a degree in forensic science with a major in law and another in Pastoral Theology.  This is not a sales team and this is who we look for. Honesty. Present the facts let the consumer decide. Never sell. If our job is done right, the product will sell itself.

Carrara Venato and how well it goes together between formats

Venato Concept BoardCarrara Venato Collection Basketweave $10.95SF and Free Shipping thru April 2016.

This is the beauty of Venato. It is not as busy as the Carrara Bianco Collection but if you are going for a complex design of mixing sizes in the we have 6×12″ for $8.00 Sq.Ft. running into 8×16″ honed for $8.95 Sq.Ft. then you have an Arabesque Chair rail, pencil and $10.95 Sq.Ft. Free Shipping Basketweave (thru April 2016 -crazy right…  2016, where is my flying car).  Then involve us and call. As this takes selecting lots to make sure it has a base match especially is you are going for Bianco, Venato is a breeze!

The Beauty of this Trademarked exclusive Carrara Venato collection with around 100 different products of one stone collection is not just the price (which we keep low) as we control the supply chain making it 3-4 times more efficient and you will understand more how with the new website (we have some supply chain wizards on our team). But the way it all goes together with ease.  The base color is the same. You can see it on the room scenes better.

That for me has always been one of the key characteristics of the Venato Collection. Its consistency. We select it from a set range and it has to fit in that range to be cut and go into the collection (simple really). We have been on quite a good run through 2013 to 2015 where we have hit a sweet spot in the mountain and it has yielded great results.  With 12 months plus of product in stock we know we are good for sometime yet to go. Let us hope it continues.

Having said (or blogged all that).  It is a finite product so it in time it will end, it will run out or fall out of the range the yield will change and that will result in any number of things to compensate, once upon a time Thassos marble was $10 a Square Foot. But is now running out.

 For now we have just been investing as much as we can in stock (crazy levels according to the bank people) but as we have no debt and own every square foot, their are no terms s they have no control and cannot impose inventory levels.  We just as they say “make hay while the sun shines”.  In this case produce great marble while the mountain provides it :)


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