Making a return. Getting your money back one way or the other.


What we ship out has become an art form. Carefully packed, secure and shrink wrapped.  This could ship to Timbuktu and it would arrive in without damage.

Damaged Tile Shipment

If you do not wrap with care or just put a few rounds of shrink wrap around the product, the pallet will break open.  Your shipping company will show up with this at our end and we will refuse it.  Just in the same way you would refuse this if we shipped this to you.  So PEASE insure your shipment.  The shipper is signing and picking up the shipment from you stating “in the small print” that this product is secure and ready to ship.  If it falls apart on them that is their fault, they should not have collected it.  So get pictures before it leaves your home.  Then when you have a picture of the product looking good and we receive this, your claim will be quick and easy.  Pictures make claims a whole lot easier.  Trying to explain “but I wrapped it well…honest” is not easy.  Pictures are so much easier.  Then you have picture “A” an intact shipment and picture “B” what we receive ‘a mess’.  This actually works out pretty good, you get to claim 100% of the product cost and your shipping cost back.

Floor and Decor Delivery

Another example.  Stacked too high, no banding and not enough shrink wrap.  This will be rejected.

Nero Maquina Black Marble Mosaics (Perfect for Borders)

1x4" Nero Marquina Black MarbleNero Marquina 1×4″ Black Marble Mosaics

1x1" Square Black Marble Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina 1×1″ Square Mosaic

Black Marble Nero Marquina 5/8" mosaic

Nero Marquina Black Marble 5/8″ Mosaic

Calacatta Marble Tile Honed ($14.95SF)

Calacatta Honed and Baseboard Calacatta 12×12″ and Baseboard Skirting

Stainless Steel Metal Oval Design (New for April 2013)

metal mosaic logo

Oval Metal Mosaic TilesPremium 304 Stainless Steel finish Metal Oval Mosaics ($14.95SF)

Carrara Venato 2×2″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile ($13.45SF)

Carrara Venato 2" Hexagon MosaicCarrara Venato Honed 2×2″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile (also available in polished)

Carrara Venato 2x2" Hexagon HonedExclusive to Carrara Venato offers a whiter base to that of traditional Carrara.

Venato HexagonThis incredible white based mosaic can transform any bathroom floor

January 2013 has ended.  Wow that went by fast.  This month has been incredible for the Carrara Venato collection.  We have in stock the best lots of Carrara we have seen in years.  In fact so good we cannot stop taking pictures.  We have given up actually writing anything and just keep taking pictures and posting them.  It has not just been the Carrara Venato either.  The Carrara Bianco collection has been tremendous as well.

The 16×16″ Carrara Bianco is spectacular and the 5×5″ Hexagon Carrara Bianco honed pictured in the previous post which arrived Wednesday 30th has only 80SF left in stock!  But it is easy to understand why, this quality is hard to come by.  We have family members, friends and employees taking the opportunity to snap up the product and who can blame them.  Carrara can be gray with veining that is dull and difficult to see.  These two collections offer perfect clarity of veining and that is the key to good Carrara consistency, lighter base and good clarity of the veining.

Carrara Bianco Collection and 5×5″ Hexagon

Carrara Bianco CollectionCarrara Bianco Collection showing 5″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile