Calacatta Marble Collection

Calacatta Marble Collection from

Pictures of new 2″ Hexagon honed along with honed 3×6″ Calacatta subway marble tile and polished skirting

Calacatta honed 3×6″ and 2″ Hexagon along with polished baseboard skirting

Finally the Calacatta 2″ honed hexagon and 3×6″ subway tile is back in stock.  We pulled out some pieces from the pallets.  The skirting is actually polished, but due to the fact that the honed is a satin finish and not a chalky honed they go together quite well.  Any questions please email or if you would like to buy any of these product here please go to our website section on Calacatta.

Carrara Bianco Long Octagon Mosaic

Instead of linking the image to our website we have created a high resolution image of Carrara Bianco mosaic Long Octagon from  You can click on the product and then click again to zoom in to see a close up and quality of the mosaic.  Incredible quality and just $13.95SF.

New Crema Marfil Products.

While we have been selling Crema Marfil successfully for years Novemeber marks a significant increase in the number of SKU’s we stock.  The Builder Depot now stocks and sells the largest collection of Crema Marfil on the web.  Selling three finishes, Honed, Polished and Tumbled and honed.

We are quickly becoming the number one distributor of Crema Marfil.  The range is Crema Marfil Classic or Classico premium Spanish tile.  The collection has the ever popular  Crema Marfil 3×6″ Subway Tile, Hexagon, Basketweave, Octagon and trims.  The tile formats also include 6×6″, 12×12″, 18×18″ and 24×24″.

The Builder Depot is always aggressive on pricing and with a no frills marketing business model there is no additional overahead to be added onto the square foot price of the marble.  This allows us to price our products lower than any of our competitors.  These new SKU’s of Crema Marfil are available online at or call toll free (800) 308-9359 for a quote.

New for 2012 Carrara Bianco Wave Border

Carrara Bianco Wave Border – New for 2012

Elegant borders from the Carrara Bianco collection will be added in 2012. This new wave border will arrive in January next year allowing customers to add a personal touch to their Carrara installation.

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