Genuine Italian Carrara is from The Builder Depot

As an online retailer of natural stone we constantly stay on top of the market changes and conditions.  One of the things we like to do is order samples of our competitors Carrara 3×6” Subway Tile and Hexagon.  We are shocked at the number of competitors that call Turkish marble ‘Carrara’.  The marble is a white marble from Turkey that has some gray veining in it, but 98% of competitors call it ‘Carrara’ in the hope of the consumer buying the inferior stone.

How can you tell the difference?  The easiest way to tell is that Turkish white marble (we won’t call it Carrara) has a pitted look to the surface, whereas our genuine Italian Marble from Carrara has a smooth finish.  The other noticeable feature to a trained eye is Turkish carrara lacks clarity in the veining a lot of the time it has more of a fuzzy look to the veining and not clear distinct veining like our Carrara Bianco 2” hexagon mosaic.

What these guys are doing is selling a product for $10/$11SF that if we sold it we would sell Turkish marble for $4/$5SF.  With Turkish white marble at the same prices as Italian marble the consumer is not getting a good deal at all and worse when selling the home a trained person could notice that the marble is not genuine Carrara and certainly not from Italy.

Of all the samples of 2” Carrara Hexagon and 3×6” Subway Tile we have only come across one other online tile and stone retailer that is actually selling genuine Italian Carrara the rest are simply selling Turkish white marble and calling it Carrara.  Perhaps we should just report these companies to Mulder and Scully.

Before making the cut

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 Carrara Bianco from The Builder Depot selected and cut to the correct thickness.  Now the product is going to the next stage which involves cutting into 3×6″, 6×12″ 12×12″ along with mosaics and trims.  Cutting from the same blocks creates the uniformity needed so our customers can create complete matching installations.

Trims & Borders to finish the job!

Greek Key Border – New Product Spring/April 2011

Carrara Basketweave Border ($13.05) – New Product Spring/April 2011

When creating a design using Carrara a border with Classic black & white details can make all the difference.  Consider a simple 5/8″ black marble mosaic cut into strips or a simple black and white checkered border.  Borders are excellent to use as a running pattern around the wall as a decal or as a border around a larger floor or wall mosaic insert.

You can also consider more elaborate mosaics border.  Carrara mosaics borders from The Builder Depot are premium quality Italian marble.  Using marble borders adds individuality and a personal touch to any Carrara bathroom project.

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