New Calacatta Mosaics Arrive

Calacatta Herringbone Mosaic TileCalacatta 1×2″ Herringbone Mosaic Tile available in Honed (pictured above) or Polished for $15.95SF (introductory low price)

Calacatta 1x1" Hexagon Mosaic1×1″ Calacatta Hexagon Available in Honed & Polished for $15.95 a sheet (introductory low price)

It is the white base and subtle gold veining that makes this product so desirable.  Exactly what we ( look for from Italy in Calacatta.  A white base with gold veining, but not overly busy.  Calacatta is such a difficult product to work with from quarry selection.  If you have too much veining or do not mix the stones well on the mosaic, the result can be drastically different.  But at The Builder Depot with our decades of experience and a physical presence in Europe we are able to work with our suppliers from block selection to end user.

That is a key difference in our business.  Not just the incredible prices.  It is the fact we work with the product from the selection of the block through to packing the shipment to the end user.  For more information on this particular lot please reference July 11th Calacatta shipment and email is

Incredible 12×24″ Bianco Carrara Honed & Polished

Bianco Carrara 12x24" Marble TilePremium Italian Carrara Marble Tile Honed

Bianco Carrara 12x12 and 12x24 Honed Marble TilePicture shows 12×12″ Carrara Tile • 12×24″ Carrara Tile • 6×12″ Carrara Baseboard (image shows all Honed)

Happy 4th of July!

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And $100 off orders over $1,000.00

Carrara Venato 4×8″ Subway Tile

Carrara Honed 4x8" Subway TileCarrara Venato 4×8″ Subway Tile

Carrara Venato 4x8" Subway Tile HonedCarrara Venato Honed Subway Tiles

Venato 4x8

Incredible Installation of Carrara Venato 4×8″ Honed. You can click on the picture to zoom in. Available in Polished and Honed. The picture is courtesy of the Designer Kara Hebert Interiors and Photographer Carmel Brantley