Carrara Marble Mosaic and Tiles


$7.00 a Sq.Ft. 3×6″ and $10.95 a Sq.Ft. Black Dot (Nero Marquina) Basketweave Mosaic (this sample board is all honed but also available in Polished).

This sample board we have for our new warehouse is over 10FT tall. It shows as many of the combinations of Venato Carrara from 3×6″ to Arabesque to trims to field tiles as we could. The idea is to show that this collection can be mixed.

You can switch and mix it up from 6×12″ add a pencil and then put in 3×6″ with a mosaic border.

One of the best collections for multiple formats – Carrara Venato

Concept Board Venato

Carrara Venato Collection just goes together from format to format like a dream. White based, really white based. From format to format.

Owned exclusively by and trademark protected. This incredible marble can only be purchased from our website. Considering that (and we own it exclusively) we made the prices fair, as fair as possible, trying to allow customers to add value back to their homes.

For example; the Carrara Venato Honed 6×12″ is $8.00 a square foot, the Basketweave is $10.95SF and Free Shipping on the basketweave Honed (thru Feb 2016). The Arabesque can be bought by the square foot honed for $16.95 and also these items are in Polished as well. (we try and offer everything in honed and polished). Or if you are like me, by it in borders already cut and remove the black or gray section, or leave on. Depending on the look you are going for, Arabesque Border Black Marble Edge Honed and Polished for $13.95 each or with Italian Bardiglio edge for same price in Honed and Polished.

An amazing collection endless combinations but a secret as we have actually yet to spend any money advertising it, we have just grown the old fashion way. Word of mouth.  We have appeared in trade press, but that is because they asked and the same applies for our DIY spot on “I hate my Bath“.

For us the reality, marble is a finite resource our quarry will like others run out or become more difficult to get to the places we need to. So advertising a product that you have absolutely no rush in selling in the big trade press makes no sense.  They can cost over $350K. I was shocked. That would change a $10.95SF Basketweave to over $30SF which I suppose is where the others are.  Instead we have gone for a no frills marketing strategy.  We are not chasing numbers, we have no debt. We want to do the best possible job and then pass it on ensuring a hard-work ethic continues, “do more with less”.

In fact our hurry to sell is so little that we do not even have a sales team. Just people to provide clarity and honesty, for example; one employee has a degree in forensic science with a major in law and another in Pastoral Theology.  This is not a sales team and this is who we look for. Honesty. Present the facts let the consumer decide. Never sell. If our job is done right, the product will sell itself.

Carrara Bianco Basketweave with Bardiglio Gray Dot

Bianco Basketweave Bardiglio Gray Got MosaicItalian Carrara Bianco Basketweave with Bardiglio Gray Dot Honed available online $11.75 a Square Foot and in Polished (currently Free Shipping as well) from The Builder Depot

The pictures are never professional quality, we know that.  We take our pictures with an iPhone inside our warehouse. This is simply me walking around the warehouse lifting a lid of the crate and opening a box and taking a picture. A lot of companies would see this as crazy, I see how beautiful pictures are online and Television millions of dollars goes into making sure the look is exceptional.  For our business we do not want to put that money into the marketing, this company operates a “no frills marketing strategy”.  We want to sell the product to you at the lowest price for the highest quality and not have to build the marketing cost back into the product.

Carrara Venato Basketweave Honed Tile

Venato Basketweave HonedCarrara Venato 1×2″ Basketweave Honed Marble Tile.  The white base on this mosaic is just incredible so crisp and clean, really impressive.

Polished Carrara with Basketweave rug Insert

Venato 12x12 Polished and Basketweave MosaicVenato 12×12″ Polished Marble tile and Polished Venato Basketweave

Venato 12x12 Polished Nero Marquina and PencilNero Maquina 1×4″ polished can be used around the Basketweave as a border (cut it into strips)

Venato 12x12 Polished and Nero MarquinaUsing Venato polished Basketweave can be used in a bathroom as the grout provides traction and anti-slip

Venato 12x12 PolishedPencils and Baseboard to finish the job if needed

Carrara Venato Polished Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Carrara Venato Basketweave PolishedThis is how Carrara Basketweave is supposed to look

Carrara Venato Polished Basketweave mosaic from The Builder Depot offers a look that has no competition.  It is second to none with it’s ridiculously perfectly white background color.  This new lot (and anticipated) arrived September 13th.    It looks really good, we can say no more – get a sample and see for yourself.

Carrara Venato Basketweave and 6×12″ Subway Tile

Carrara Venato 1×2″ Basketweave Honed ($10.95SF and Free Shipping) along with Carrara Venato 6×12″ Honed

Customers are often looking for a whiter based marble for their bathroom renovation projects.  At The Builder Depot, white based marble is what we have focused on with the Carrara Venato collection.  The picture above taken in our warehouse with a simple cell phone camera set on a black background shows how white the base of this spectacular marble actually is, quite incredible if we say ourselves.

6×12″ has been one of the fastest growing tile product.  In 2007 everyone wanted 3×6″ as it is the more classic subway tile (even though 3×8″ is the actual original NY subway tile size).  In 2010 6×12″ started to take off, consumers liked fewer grout lines and an overall cleaner appearance.  To see 6×12″ Carrara Venato installed in a bathroom click here.

Bianco Basketweave Border and Subway Tile

(Picture time: to start some 3×6″ a box of Basketweave and Basketweave Border)  Bianco Carrara Basketweave packaging.  Basketweave Border and 3×6″ Carrara Subway Tile.

Carrara Bianco Basketweave Border and Carrara Bianco 3×6″ Subway Tile

Another Angle (June 29th shipment)

And another.

As the Bianco Carrara Basketweave border arrived yesterday we took the opportunity armed with a Samsung cell phone to get some snaps.  Some of the nicest Carrara we have ever bought had.  Seems almost a shame to sell it.  Certainly we will be keeping some of it for ourselves.

Another interesting point is that we are the only online retailer that actually takes pictures of our product.  You will note when looking at our competitors sites that they just keep repeating the same old image.  When you go to their blogs of which most have less than ten posts they are all just verbiage.  Never a picture, not a single one.  I wonder why?  Do you think it is because:

a) They are so happy with their product that they wish to keep it a secret?

b) The product is actually inferior quality and a picture would show it to be dull and without and clarity of veining (almost dare we say it Turkish marble)?

It is pretty easy and does not take up a lot of time to take images.  We feel it is important to the customer.  What they see is what they get, actually due to the fact the pictures are taken with a cell phone what they get is better.  Any questions, comments or interest buying from this lot please email (call this June 29th shipment) us at

Carrara Venato $7SF and $11.15SF 1×3″ Stacked Brick Mosaic

$7SF Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile • 1×3″ Stacked Brick $11.15SF •  $10.55EA Pencil Trim •  $13.95EA Chair Rail Trim • Available online from

Carrara Venato 1×3″ Stacked Brick • Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile Honed • Carrara Venato Basketweave Honed • Chair Rail & Pencil

Alpharetta (GA) Picture taken on a sunny day at the warehouse.  Just received in 4 pallets of Basketweave, 6 Pallets 3×6″ Subway Tile and 4 pallets of 1×3″ Stacked Brick mosaic – the product was such an incredible match that we could not resist taking a picture.  This pic was taken with a cell phone camera the Samsung android phone, so nothing technical and it even looks good with a cell phone camera.  So you can imagine how good it looks in real life.

Same Products as above but added $14.95EA Greek key to the picture (P.S. note the intentional slip on the greek key needs to be the other way round to flow correctly – glad we do not do installations)

Carrara Venato Collection – Vintage Home Restoration

Carrara Venato Hexagon 1” Mosaic Tile and Carrara Venato 3×6” Subway Tile is a simple way to add an authentic vintage look to a modern home.  Or as we are more commonly used to at you are undertaking a vintage home restoration or renovation you will find Carrara Venato can help you achieve the desired look.

Additionally within the Carrara Venato collection we offer a wide range of mosaic choices:

There is also additional mosaics 1×3” stacked brick, 1×1” square mosaic, 5/8” square mosaic along with pencil trim and chair rail (crown molding).

The Carrara Venato also boasts a large field tile selection, 2×4” Subway Tile, 3×6” Subway Tile, 6×6” Tile, 6×12” Subway Tile, 12×12” Field Tile and 18×18” Field Tile.