Arabesque Mosaic Options for Under $7/SF

Arabesque Options for under 7Here are three great products that are all under $7.00 a Square Foot. You have Fog Crackle Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot then White Arabesque $6.95 a Square Foot in Gloss and Matte Versions and then Finally Bianco Arabesque but as of March 29th 2016 will be called by us “Antique Design Arabesque“. But as I write this blog I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do or look like Bianco at all. Not even close. The Supplier called the product on the far left “Bianco”. I have no idea why???

So I am making an executive decision and changing the name to “Antique Design” as it has an almost antique effect to the edge. See below.  I have changed the image above so now it all makes sense!

Detail on the Bianco I likeYou can see the Antique effect here better on a close up. It is practically impossible to see online, you can see that it is not quite white by the comparison shot. IMHO it is the antiquing effect on the edge that makes this product so different.

It will also create the largest challenge to selling online. It really is a “retailer”in store product. If you see if you would go “ahhh…..” but with pictures it looks no different as the effect on the edge cannot be seen. It will sell well locally in our new facility.

This product is from MS International but to call this “Bianco White” as they have done, is misleading to the consumer. I think it is done for the purpose of attracting traffic. The word Bianco is a popular word. So instead of describing what they see they are going for the best possible social media hits or perhaps they just do not know. But this is not a Bianco. Does not look like Bianco. It has no veining at all!

9 Responses to Arabesque Mosaic Options for Under $7/SF

  1. Sunshine says:

    I bought this tile for my kitchen back splash. Your packaging was amazing (!!) and shipping was super quick. I love this tile! I even got paint to match. Now I am ready to put the tile up in our renovated kitchen and I am looking for a matching trim (oops). Any ideas? do you have any thin style trim that matches this tile? Thank you in advance.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your message. There is not a trim to match this Arabesque at this time, it has a unique antiquing effect that looks incredible but also provides some complexity creating the same effect on a trim.

    It maybe that we just match the white center, but the “Marketing People” are delaying the process buy trying to get a trim that has the same effect.

    I agree if they can create that, it would be wonderful. As many people will get their trim and email in or call asking that very question “Where is the antiquing on the trim?”

    In short we are at the edge of technology and what we can do with effects that is causing an issue with the trims. The trim issue will be resolved it is just taking longer than anticipated. The trim will be a finishing piece that can be applied after install, I would have the tile installed to a smooth edge (many backsplashes do not finish with trims). Then if you wait we can email you back once we have a trim option.

    I wish I could show you a picture on here on just a regular white Arabesque backsplash ending without trim. But there are plenty on Google images or Pinterest, in many cases people take it all the way to the top of the ceiling and then finish with a standard wooden crown molding.

    Thank you
    The Builder Depot.

    • Crystal H Ransom says:

      So is there a trim yet? and if not, what do you recommend?

      • Thank you for your email.

        At this time we do not have a trim. It is on order but will just take some time to get here.

        We have to match it up to the Arabesque, that sounds easy but it is not, we have multiple attempts of it just being a color off. The glazing acts differently to trims and it does to the flat Arabesque.

        The only recommendation at this time is the “schluter Tile edge system”.

        I wish I could add an image, but this method of communication through the blog is rather limited.

        If you search this system on Google and then click images you can see it at work.

        Thank you
        The Builder Depot.

  3. Sarah Langford says:

    Do you have a subway tile you would recommend with this?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your message. At this time we do not. The mosaics are a standalone product. Many customers put on the floor without a subway tile (using paint) or use as a backsplash.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

  4. teri says:

    do you have a trim piece for this yet

  5. Sandi Boron says:

    We put this tile on our backsplash. It has a rough edge. What should I put to finish the edge?

    • Good morning Sandi,

      Thank you for your message.

      We are not installers, but the installers we do speak with all seem to opt for the Schluter system for edging a backsplash.

      You can see examples on their website. It provides a clean finish.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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