Arabesque Gloss Vento Gray Beveled Mosaic Arrives!


Beveled Vento Gray Arabesque arrives and is everything we hoped for…. a subtle Gray. Online for $10.95 a Square Foot the only mesh mounted Beveled Gray Arabesque of this size in the USA. The only other option is loose pieces. We have this in loose pieces as well.

This is designed to speed up installation and lower install costs. Thinking about the consumer not just by a low product cost but the install cost as well.

Vento Gray Arabesque

This image attempts to show the color of the Gray by being placed next to the Beveled Whisper White Arabesque. We all know white is well….. White 🙂


This ships for Free! $10.95 a Square Foot prices as valid as long as possible 🙂


July 2017 and Vento Gray Arabesque Matte Arrives.

Box Vneto Gray

It has almost been a year since the introduction of the Gloss Vento Gray. We have had the Matte finish in stock but we have been awaiting for our new warehouse to provide space so we can bring it here. That space is now here: Matte Finish of the Vento Gray Arabesque $10.95 a Square Foot (which is a sheet arrives). You can see against the printer white background it is just a few shades towards Gray than White which is exactly what we were looking to create.

The Matte Finish is a great feel. I love the smooth yet slight textured feel of it.

Beveled Spec Sheet

Specification sheet for the Mesh Mosaic of our Arabesque Mosaic Beveled Tiles.


8 Responses to Arabesque Gloss Vento Gray Beveled Mosaic Arrives!

  1. Aleksandra says:

    Thank you for the idea of putting one colour by another to see the difference! ✅

  2. Jim says:

    Are there any matching trim pieces for ‘gloss vento gray’ tile color? Quarter rounds, etc.? I see trim for ‘whisper white’ but not the ‘vento gray’.

    • Hi Jim,

      We have trims on order and are awaiting their arrival. Trims for products like this have a lead time of 12 months.

      We have had them in process for 9 months, I anticipate having something this year, I just do not have a date yet. ( I wish we did have them, it would make our lives easier as well).

      Thank you

      • Katie McConnell says:

        Any update on trim? Do you recommend a trim for this?

      • Hi Katie,

        At this time we are still waiting. It is such a long process to get trims made (probably why there are so few of them). We still have no exact ETA on the trim. I will contact our European office and see if they know more.

        Thank you
        The Builder Depot.

      • Katie McConnell says:

        Do you have another trim that matches?

      • Hi Katie,

        Not at this time, it is a unique color.

        We want an exact match, which is taking the time as the current factory that can make the Arabesque beveled but is not set up for making the trims, so we are having to send of samples of the Arabesque for color matching.

        Thank you

  3. Katie McConnell says:

    Any update on trim pieces?

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