Calacatta 3×6″ Honed $14.95SF

Calacatta 3x6" HonedCalacatta 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile just $14.95 square foot

A nice collection of 3×6″ Honed arrived last month.  Unfortunately only 2,500SF arrived and now by the time I am finally getting around to writing this post there is only 782SF left in stock.  It has a nice look.  Not too much veining just the right amount.  The quarry has taken the time to mix and blend these crates well.  The pictures we provide are very simply done.  We just lift the lids off the crates as they come in.  Here you can see a crate then we simply pull out some tiles from a box and lay it on the boxes.  Then snap 🙂

We are receiving more Calacatta 3×6″ Honed in March (this is just an estimate as it is still in production).  Once that shipment arrives we will get pictures of it and post on the blog.

2020 Picture. Recent Picture from Instagram Below.

Calacatta Gold 3x6

Calacatta Gold 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile from The Builder Depot from #thetuckerzoo

Love the way this has come together. They must have used tile from the backsplash in their kitchen to match this around the fireplace. Love it and how well the Calacatta Gold goes with the wooden mantel top. This is a well organized installation.

Interesting fact about Calacatta Gold (the real genuine product from Italy as this is). There is only one Calacatta Gold quarry left in the world. That is why we frequently run out of products in the collection and cannot significantly expand it, it is a hard product to get and to get in good quality is very hard. In fact it has become so challenging you know have companies simply saying they have “Calacatta” which simply means a white marble with Gray veining. They avoid the word Gold.

Prices subject to change and so is availability. Please see our website Calacatta Gold section for the most up-to-date pricing.

8 Responses to Calacatta 3×6″ Honed $14.95SF

  1. Rita says:

    Hi just wondering where the Calcutta subway tiles 3×6″ honed are made Italy or China?
    Also how much how you got left
    Thanks Rita

    • They are Italian Calacatta Gold and we have 75SF left. On May 28th we have 1,080SF coming in. It is very, very difficult getting hold of good Calacatta. We do have 3×6″ Venato and 4×12″ Venato it has a very white base, as white as Calacatta, so if it is the white base you are looking for this is a great option.

  2. Nadia Mahanor says:

    Are there bullnose options ?

  3. Hi Nadia,

    Yes people have used that. But I would buy one and see or let your designer see if it will work. It will frame the shower and people do use it. You can see the room scenes on the blog and people use the Venato pencil to picture frame Herringbone. That is the same pencil piece:

    Thank you
    The Builder Depot.

  4. Say Cas says:

    Would it be possible to get pictures of the current samples?

    • Hi Say Cas,

      Yes, good idea. I will take some pictures tomorrow and put them on this blog.

      I have been meaning to take pictures of the 3×6″ Calacatta but it has been selling through so quickly, as soon as we get it in, it goes back out again. It looks like the mosaics. It is so pretty I am so happy with this amazing run on Calacatta we have been having.

      I will email you a picture of the Hexagon and 2×4″ a customer ordered and wanted pictures, I took those Friday. Just stunning. They are also on instagram: here.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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