Bianco Carrara 6×12″ Subway Tile

Carrara 6x12" Subway TileOn the right our ‘C’ Grade Carrara Bianco 6×12″ Subway Tile $8.00SF on the left is the more common ‘CD’ Grade we purchased from a competitor for $6.97SF

At The Builder Depot our 6×12″ subway tiles are all Italian ‘C’ grade.  This is not to be confused with the more common ‘CD’ grade sold throughout the USA. There are few companies that go to the trouble of importing such a high grade of marble, it is a higher cost and many retailers assume customers do not know the difference.

It is understandable, most people buy based on price.  If one e-commerce retailer is selling Carrara 6×12″ for $7.00SF and we are selling for $8.00SF  based on a website difficult to understand why we have the higher price.

But then look at this picture.  On the right is our current lot of Bianco 6×12″ Honed for $8.00 a square foot.  On the left is 12×12″ Honed we purchased for $6.97 a square foot. Price is always a consideration. But I am not sure I could live with staring at that dull gray marble for years to come.

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