Perfect Carrara Bianco

Perfect Bianco 12x24" Carrara TilePerfect Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Polished • Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Polished • Chair Rail • Baseboard • Basketweave Border

Of course as the mountain sometimes spits out Gray marble (which we reject – this happens quite often) it occasionally comes out with utter perfection.  This particular lot would be in our opinion A++ the very best.  It cannot get better.  The veining is clear, there is enough of it but not too much.  I love with the 12×24″ piece on the right.  The 12×12″ is equally as good, but the warehouse dock is open on the right and as the light comes in it highlights the perfection of the marble.

If this was a diamond it would be in the VVS2 sector of extremely rare.  In the USA if we complied all the 12×24″ polished and graded them on clarity of veining (so it has to be clear cannot be a haze all over) and base color this 12×24″ would represent 0.25% of the entire USA 12×24″ available at this very moment.

Why is that?  A good question.  To be candid it costs more.  We pay an additional $1 to $2SF for this 12×24″ and 12×12″, we do not add that cost on.  We do it because we want to see the best Italy has to offer.  This is a piece of art.  On a wall in the correct home with visitors, this will become a huge advertising banner for our website.  People will be asking for this 12×24″ dated on the blog February 10th 2014 for months to come.  But traditional companies will not buy this, they will not pay the additional cost.

I am going to keep two pieces in my office.  I believe of all the thousands of pallets of Bianco 12×24″ we will get this year, they will be excellent, but this will just hold a fractional edge.  It will be interesting to see.  For us it is a contest, what can we get from Italy that can top this in 2014?

If you would like this particular lot of 12×12″ Bianco polished and 12×24″ Bianco polished (also available in honed), please email us and reference this blog.  You will have to provide the date, please do not say the Carrara post you did – so many people do, that does not help 🙂

4 Responses to Perfect Carrara Bianco

  1. Lily Carlson says:

    I’m looking for a small slab for a vanity top, about 34×21 and backsplash with right return. Do you have one that size?

    • Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your message.

      I am sorry we do not sell anything that is not on the website. Slabs is just not a product we currently sell.

      I wish we did at least some small ones. The problem is also a very ethical one. It is the weight and moving slabs constantly.

      The strain it puts on employees, you can use machinery but there is still a tremendous amount of lifting. I cannot think really of any ethical reason to destroy what you know long term will be someones back. Yes, young men will do the work (for sadly many minimum wage). But we know as we get older things wear out, even with proper lifting and equipment, it is just one of those areas that we cannot justify. People before profit.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

  2. kasia says:

    what color of grout do you recomend to use for this tiles?

    • Hi Kasia,
      I would go with a darker Gray grout, try and get a grout color to match the veining to reduce the overall number of colors used in the design (but really it is rather like asking someone, what color car should I buy – ultimately it is your choice, your tile and your bathroom, we all have different tastes).

      If I chose polished I would use un-sanded, but I would probably go Honed because I like the sanded grout.

      I hope that helps.
      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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