Carrara Bianco 6×18″ Italian Marble

Production 18x6Always nice to get pictures from our QC people in Italy this is 6×18″ Bianco available in Honed and Polished for $9.95 a Square Foot (as with all prices on the blog that is subject to change but not for 2016).

It is a great lot. Just the right amount of veining very light Gray base. Perfect ‘C’ Grade Bianco Tile.

Italian Marble 18×18″ Polished coming along….

18x18 Carrara

Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble, the highest grade available for $9.95 a Square Foot available in Polished and Honed from our Bianco Marble Collection (Yellow boots, not included).

Perfect Carrara Bianco

Perfect Bianco 12x24" Carrara TilePerfect Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Polished • Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Polished • Chair Rail • Baseboard • Basketweave Border

Of course as the mountain sometimes spits out Gray marble (which we reject – this happens quite often) it occasionally comes out with utter perfection.  This particular lot would be in our opinion A++ the very best.  It cannot get better.  The veining is clear, there is enough of it but not too much.  I love with the 12×24″ piece on the right.  The 12×12″ is equally as good, but the warehouse dock is open on the right and as the light comes in it highlights the perfection of the marble.

If this was a diamond it would be in the VVS2 sector of extremely rare.  In the USA if we complied all the 12×24″ polished and graded them on clarity of veining (so it has to be clear cannot be a haze all over) and base color this 12×24″ would represent 0.25% of the entire USA 12×24″ available at this very moment.

Why is that?  A good question.  To be candid it costs more.  We pay an additional $1 to $2SF for this 12×24″ and 12×12″, we do not add that cost on.  We do it because we want to see the best Italy has to offer.  This is a piece of art.  On a wall in the correct home with visitors, this will become a huge advertising banner for our website.  People will be asking for this 12×24″ dated on the blog February 10th 2014 for months to come.  But traditional companies will not buy this, they will not pay the additional cost.

I am going to keep two pieces in my office.  I believe of all the thousands of pallets of Bianco 12×24″ we will get this year, they will be excellent, but this will just hold a fractional edge.  It will be interesting to see.  For us it is a contest, what can we get from Italy that can top this in 2014?

If you would like this particular lot of 12×12″ Bianco polished and 12×24″ Bianco polished (also available in honed), please email us and reference this blog.  You will have to provide the date, please do not say the Carrara post you did – so many people do, that does not help 🙂

Carrara Bianco Subway Tile and Long Octagon

Bianco Carrara Honed Long Octagon (Stella) • 3×8″ Subway Tile Honed • Honed Pencil Trim • Honed Skirting

Bianco Carrara Honed Long Octagon (Stella) • 3×8″ Subway Tile Honed • Honed Pencil Trim • Honed Skirting

Carrara Bianco Long Octagon (Stella) Honed • Bianco Carrara Honed 1″ Hexagon Mosaic • 3×8″ Subway Tile Honed • Honed Pencil Trim • Honed Skirting

New shipment arrived October 10th.  While there wasn’t any new products there was much needed inventory.  Backorders are now shipping and customers who are planning ahead for Thanksgiving can take a sigh of relief.  The Long Octagon is finally back in stock.  Black and white mosaics have been dominated by the classic Basketweave design.  The Long Octagon or called Stella design by some is now back in stock in both Honed and Polished and seeks to unseat Basketweave from the #1 spot as most popular B&W mosaic design.

While the price of the Long Octagon is $2 a square foot more than Basketweave I think that having a product that is so elegant and less common is definitely a consideration.   You can get a complete quote online by entering the quantity required into the shopping cart then clicking “checkout” or email us for a quote

Bianco Carrara Collection

Bianco Carrara Collection from

While it is not the most organized picture.  It certainly shows how the collection as a whole blends well together.  This month we have received in over 80 pallets of Carrara Bianco Marble tile.  The quality of stone is better than 2011, the current Carrara lots have a very white base with crisp clean veining throughout the tiles and mosaics (as the picture shows).  Order a sample and see for yourself at

The picture shows  from far left Carrara Bianco Stella Long Octagon, Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Mosaic, 3×6″ Carrara Subway in brick format, two tiles of Carrara Bianco 3×8″, next to that is Carrara Bianco 2×4″ mosaic.  The trims include (at the bottom) Carrara Bianco Skirting, Carrara Bianco Pencil and Chair Rail.