Carrara Marble Mosaic and Tiles


$7.00 a Sq.Ft. 3×6″ and $10.95 a Sq.Ft. Black Dot (Nero Marquina) Basketweave Mosaic (this sample board is all honed but also available in Polished).

This sample board we have for our new warehouse is over 10FT tall. It shows as many of the combinations of Venato Carrara from 3×6″ to Arabesque to trims to field tiles as we could. The idea is to show that this collection can be mixed.

You can switch and mix it up from 6×12″ add a pencil and then put in 3×6″ with a mosaic border.

Shower and Bathroom. Bianco and Venato.

Hexagon BardiglioThis is a great mix of Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile on the wall (which is currently $7.00 a Square Foot) then Bianco Carrara Hexagon with Bardiglio edge for the flooring. They have then edged that with our 1×12″ Bardiglio Border and edged again with the 3×6″ Venato.

Bianco with Gray Strips BasketweaveSame home following the look through they have used again the Bardiglio striped Bianco Honed 2″ Hexagon Mosaic.

Carrara Bianco Bardiglio Strip 2" Hexagon Polished Marble MosaicThis is what make has made The Builder Depot unique from any other online company or even retailer. We can take pictures of the product, our product (the product that will be packed and shipped to you, it is a huge level of control in an industry that really has none).

This is product that we stock. This is not stocked in a 3rd party warehouse while the person you speak to on the phone is 600 miles away sat on the 32 Floor of some “tech” building and has never seen the product or worse they are not even in the USA.

The people on the phone at The Builder Depot can open the door while on the phone with you and find the product and discuss it with you. Take pictures and send them on. Match up with other sizes. All of this impossible task for big boxes or any other online retailer or Tile and Stone retailer as they just have 2-3 year old concept boards to work off.

“This is one of the main reasons we are able to be a Google Trusted Store and so many competitors or companies in the similar remodeling industry cannot”. Comments David Shearn. “The ability to see the product you are selling everyday should not be underestimated in the results it drives through customer satisfaction.” he adds “How can a person in a cubicle hundreds of miles away sell a natural product or a product that they cannot physically check. You must reduce the distance from customer service to the actual product”. Companies already know this and that is why they refuse to have unbiased reviews on their website. “If you are nothing but a broker you are doomed to follow the same results as all the brokers that have come before you. Irrespective of how much Venture Capitalists, what you to “IPO” so they can “cash out”.

At The Builder Ddepot we “know” what we are shipping. The majority of online companies are “Brokers” or as they do not like that name they call it “Marketplace” but it is a Broker. You buy from their website, they add 20-30-40-60% and then ship direct from the factory or 3rd party warehouse. Chaos. Absolute Chaos. Tried it before many years ago.

Unless you have the product and the people all in the same facility results like this are incredibly challenging to achieve. With their customers paying the price.

For us. We keep it all close. Everything is here. So we can check it off, sign off, double check. Make sure the 3×6″ goes with the 6×12″ and the pencil that you plan to put in-between matches. We can do all this because our customers communicate and we are working with the product every day.

Honed and PolishedHere is the product on the Bianco Carrara Collection page, one of 70-80 different products. The largest collection of white marble in the USA, stocked and ready to ship. No third party. Just premium products warehoused with over 2.5m square feet in Alpharetta, GA. People ask “Why not add a warehouse on the West Coast”. We have been down this road before. The further the product gets from the people you speak to on the phone the less control they have over the quality and knowledge of what they are doing.

It is imperative (and other companies can find this out the hard way) that the person with whom you are speaking to about your order, can physically see and touch your order. Can mark the crate as “Sold belongs to Remodelers, Inc.”. That pictures can be traded.

Honed Hexagon Bardiglio StripHere it is on the product page. Price is subject to change but currently for 2016 it is $12.95 a Square Foot. (I cannot find any company that competes with this price at ‘C’ grade Italian Marble).

New website look coming along…. (but just a draft)

Cleaner Checkout

We are working on creating a new look for our website. Everything is the same just the look will be cleaner, trying to cover the fact that shipping is 100% guranteed safety. The black on our site will disappear. This is all part of the new 5 acre pick and pack complex that is being built for us in Alpharetta, GA. It is designed to work better with UPS Freight and improve efficiency.  The more efficient the more savings we can pass along or at the very least avoid any increases 🙂


BD_MeettheTeam_PROOFcThe site will be more transparent so you can see the people who you are talking to and the team of professional advisors with over 100 years of experience in our field that act as a sounding board ensuring that decisions are not made without careful thought and how they impact our customers.  While this was is classic bootstrap USA start up and does not have a penny of debt, it helps to never be the smartest guy in the room. Standing on the shoulders of Giants.

So do not be shocked one day you will see our black site then the next one that looks white.  It will be quite a contrast, but we are all into remodeling one way or another.

Carrara Venato Collection Sample Board

Carrara Venato Tile Display Board
Carrara Venato 6×12″ Subway Tile • Carrara Venato Arabesque $16.95SF • Carrara Venato Basketweave Mosaic $10.95SF and Free Shipping (prices valid thru 2015)

2VenatoCarrara Venato 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile only $7.00SF and 4×12″ Subway Tile in Honed $8.00SF along with Venato Basketweave 1×2″ Mosaic Tile $10.95SF and Free Shipping

We have some monster sample boards in our warehouse.  These boards are 7FT tall and 3FT wide.  The idea is to show how the Venato collection as you can see in any of our customers pictures really, really goes well together in many formats.  It is a consistent base product perfect for customers looking to use multiple products in a bathroom.  If you would like to see more pictures please let us know.

For a Whiter Bathroom Look consider our Carrara Venato Collection

Carrara Venato White BathroomTo create this look consider using our Venato 1″ Hexagon Honed $10.95SF and Venato 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile $7.00SF

Carrara Venato White Tile BathroomYou can see how white the subway tile honed has fewer veins on the tiles and some are actual blank tiles mixed in.  This is what creates a whiter appearance.  Blanks mixed in with the boxes is no accident.

Carrara Venato Subway TileAbove is a picture of our subway 4×8” honed tile laid out in our warehouse (pic taken with just a cell phone) some tiles have veining and some are just blank.  This creates a whiter look and of course a superb white base helps 🙂

1x1" Hexagon Marble MosaicCarrara 1″ Hexagon used on the bathroom floor above. The Venato 1″ Hexagon $10.95SF will give you the same whiter look.

Carrara Venato Dogbone Basketweave MosaicIt does not matter which mosaic you select from the Venato collection.  The Venato Carrara marble collection is consistently whiter based marble to that of traditional Carrara tile.  This mosaic above is our Dogbone Carrara Venato $12.95 a square foot.

Carrara Venato 3x3" Hexagon HonedAbove is our Venato 3×3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile $11.75SF again incredible white base, perfect for a whiter look bathroom.

Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Honed Tile

Carrara Bianco 12x12 Honed Marble TileCarrara Bianco 12×12″ Honed $8.00SF. These two lots are in stock as of Nov 20th 2014.

Again the difference between the Bianco CD grade and the Bianco ‘C’ grade is distinct with the whiter base and clarity of veining.  At this particular time we have two lots of Carrara Bianco in stock.  Before ordering you may wish to email or speak to one of our sales guys about which lot is available at this time.  You can email us or call 800-308-9359.

These products are on sale 24/7 so there is no guarantee that these particular lots will be available.  We do however have more ‘C’ grade honed Carrara in stock and we will be more than happy to send pictures of new lots to you.

Perfect Carrara Bianco

Perfect Bianco 12x24" Carrara TilePerfect Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Polished • Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Polished • Chair Rail • Baseboard • Basketweave Border

Of course as the mountain sometimes spits out Gray marble (which we reject – this happens quite often) it occasionally comes out with utter perfection.  This particular lot would be in our opinion A++ the very best.  It cannot get better.  The veining is clear, there is enough of it but not too much.  I love with the 12×24″ piece on the right.  The 12×12″ is equally as good, but the warehouse dock is open on the right and as the light comes in it highlights the perfection of the marble.

If this was a diamond it would be in the VVS2 sector of extremely rare.  In the USA if we complied all the 12×24″ polished and graded them on clarity of veining (so it has to be clear cannot be a haze all over) and base color this 12×24″ would represent 0.25% of the entire USA 12×24″ available at this very moment.

Why is that?  A good question.  To be candid it costs more.  We pay an additional $1 to $2SF for this 12×24″ and 12×12″, we do not add that cost on.  We do it because we want to see the best Italy has to offer.  This is a piece of art.  On a wall in the correct home with visitors, this will become a huge advertising banner for our website.  People will be asking for this 12×24″ dated on the blog February 10th 2014 for months to come.  But traditional companies will not buy this, they will not pay the additional cost.

I am going to keep two pieces in my office.  I believe of all the thousands of pallets of Bianco 12×24″ we will get this year, they will be excellent, but this will just hold a fractional edge.  It will be interesting to see.  For us it is a contest, what can we get from Italy that can top this in 2014?

If you would like this particular lot of 12×12″ Bianco polished and 12×24″ Bianco polished (also available in honed), please email us and reference this blog.  You will have to provide the date, please do not say the Carrara post you did – so many people do, that does not help 🙂

Carrara Venato 12×24″ Honed

Carrara Venato 12x24"For this picture we started out with a box of 12×24″ Venato Honed and then added a few other items

Carrara Venato 12x24" HonedGreat match with the baseboard, 1×3″ stacked brick and pencil trim

Carrara Venato 12x24" and Venato Collection ProductsIn this picture: Carrara Venato 12×24″ Honed • Carrara Venato Pencil Honed • Carrara Venato 1×3″ Honed Brick • Carrara Venato Honed Baseboard

Carrara Venato 12x24" Marble TileIncredible veining

Finally on Monday April 13th the Carrara Venato 12×24″ is back in stock.  However with this level of quality and veining it will not be in stock for long.  This is pretty much perfect Venato, the idea of the collection is a whiter base than traditional Carrara with some veining.  Not veining all over just occasional dribbles.  The overall look especially with the larger format tiles is a cleaner less busy appearance.  It looks a lot closer in appearance to a statuary.

We are often asked “if you know you are going to run out, why not buy more?”  A great question.  The problem is getting this level of quality.  We can easily order more Carrara, there is plenty of Carrara but not plenty that fits the standards for the Venato collection.  If we are willing to accept a grayer base, let’s call it “B” Grade then you can have all the Carrara you want.  But we are not.  For Venato we insist on a very high grade of Carrara (a premium white base) and I am afraid that limits the amount of marble we can get.

We are limited in supply by what the ground provides and the high standards we have set for a whiter base.

Bianco Basketweave Border and Subway Tile

(Picture time: to start some 3×6″ a box of Basketweave and Basketweave Border)  Bianco Carrara Basketweave packaging.  Basketweave Border and 3×6″ Carrara Subway Tile.

Carrara Bianco Basketweave Border and Carrara Bianco 3×6″ Subway Tile

Another Angle (June 29th shipment)

And another.

As the Bianco Carrara Basketweave border arrived yesterday we took the opportunity armed with a Samsung cell phone to get some snaps.  Some of the nicest Carrara we have ever bought had.  Seems almost a shame to sell it.  Certainly we will be keeping some of it for ourselves.

Another interesting point is that we are the only online retailer that actually takes pictures of our product.  You will note when looking at our competitors sites that they just keep repeating the same old image.  When you go to their blogs of which most have less than ten posts they are all just verbiage.  Never a picture, not a single one.  I wonder why?  Do you think it is because:

a) They are so happy with their product that they wish to keep it a secret?

b) The product is actually inferior quality and a picture would show it to be dull and without and clarity of veining (almost dare we say it Turkish marble)?

It is pretty easy and does not take up a lot of time to take images.  We feel it is important to the customer.  What they see is what they get, actually due to the fact the pictures are taken with a cell phone what they get is better.  Any questions, comments or interest buying from this lot please email (call this June 29th shipment) us at