Carrara Bianco 3/4″ Penny rounds Arrive

Carrara Bianco 3/4" PennyroundsToday arrived a new lot of 3/4″ Bianco Carrara Pennyrounds. This image shows honed, it is available in both finishes honed and polished for $14.95 a sheet

Carrara Bianco 3/4" PennyroundsNo hand model but it does not take much effort to make this Bianco 3/4″ penny round honed mosaic look pretty

This container arrived Feb 11th 2014 with the perfect lot of Carrara Bianco Pennyrounds.  Both the polished and honed lots have a great look.  Penny rounds are a very traditional style for anyone looking to restore homes to its original look.  Market prices in high end boutique tile and stone retailers have this priced at over $40.00 a square foot.  The Builder Depot with it’s no frills marketing strategy brings this premium Italian 3/4″ pennyround marble mosaic online for just $14.95 a sheet.  “Reverse Sticker shock” courtesy of The Builder Depot 🙂

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