One Room Challenge with Calacatta Gold 1×3″ Herringbone Honed

Calacatta HerringboneCalacatta Gold 1×3″ Herringbone Honed $18.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2017. Also available in Polished finish.

2016 has been and continues to be one of the best Calacatta Gold years ever. In terms of wines (if this was a wine) it would be a “Vintage Year”. The base is perfect and the amount of veining is just right, not busy but enough to see that it is indeed one of the most prestigious marbles in the world. It does after all adorn the walls of the Vatican.

Calacatta HerringboneIIIt has just the right amount of blanks mixed with color and an incredibly white base.

Calacatta Herringbone 4The kitchen is incredible and the time frame in which it was completed for the One Room Challenge was amazing.

Calacatta Herringbone BoneBefore.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.01.39 PMAfter!

Calacatta Herringbone Before 2Before.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.02.35 PMAfter! You have to go to to see the complete breakdown. Colette will break it down and there are far better pictures than I have here. While the Calacatta Herringbone helps, there is certainly a lot more that goes into creating such an incredible transformation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.08.16 PMCalacatta Gold Herringbone is part of a collection of 34 different Calacatta Gold products (mosaics, field tiles and trims) available online from The Builder Depot. It is the largest collection of Calacatta Gold stocked in the USA. Stocked in the USA so we can take pictures, match lots and ship within 2 business days.

Italian Marble 18×18″ Polished coming along….

18x18 Carrara

Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble, the highest grade available for $9.95 a Square Foot available in Polished and Honed from our Bianco Marble Collection (Yellow boots, not included).

Recent Review and Thank you!

Customer Review

This review (so I wanted to share) came through the other day (we are actually the only 5 out of 5 star seller in the USA of marble tile) which when you read this and the effort Ben in customer service went to you can see why.  It was not a small purchase either in the thousands of dollars so I can see why the customer would be apprehensive.

You can send an email to or call the sales team a call 800-308-9359 from 9am to 4pm EST (if you are not sure either). They can help. The world of e-commerce is a tricky one. There are as with everything good guys and bad guys. We are the good guys 🙂 and proud to be so.

We have set our business with clear principles discussed in our “about us” page in our blog. We are not sales people, we do not ‘sell’, we will send pictures and provide the facts, we will never discuss a competitors quality and we put customers and employees ahead of profits. Simple principles in a complicated world.  Thank you Ben and the customer!

For a Whiter Bathroom Look consider our Carrara Venato Collection

Carrara Venato White BathroomTo create this look consider using our Venato 1″ Hexagon Honed $10.95SF and Venato 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile $7.00SF

Carrara Venato White Tile BathroomYou can see how white the subway tile honed has fewer veins on the tiles and some are actual blank tiles mixed in.  This is what creates a whiter appearance.  Blanks mixed in with the boxes is no accident.

Carrara Venato Subway TileAbove is a picture of our subway 4×8” honed tile laid out in our warehouse (pic taken with just a cell phone) some tiles have veining and some are just blank.  This creates a whiter look and of course a superb white base helps 🙂

1x1" Hexagon Marble MosaicCarrara 1″ Hexagon used on the bathroom floor above. The Venato 1″ Hexagon $10.95SF will give you the same whiter look.

Carrara Venato Dogbone Basketweave MosaicIt does not matter which mosaic you select from the Venato collection.  The Venato Carrara marble collection is consistently whiter based marble to that of traditional Carrara tile.  This mosaic above is our Dogbone Carrara Venato $12.95 a square foot.

Carrara Venato 3x3" Hexagon HonedAbove is our Venato 3×3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile $11.75SF again incredible white base, perfect for a whiter look bathroom.

Not all Carrara Marble is Equal

Premium 12x24" Italian Marble TileIn the background is lot# 683535-12 ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble 12×24″ Honed $9.95SF (we only import ‘C’ grade but as with everything occasionally there is the exceptional).  On top of it is 12×12″ CD Grade Italian marble.  Available almost everywhere. On it’s own without comparison lower grade Carrara looks okay.  Put it next to our tile and their is no comparison.

Let me take you through the decision making process and you see which direction you would have chose when importing Italian marble. It was the Summer of 2014 in Carrara, Italy, blocks were cut, all you had to do was choose which blocks you wanted to have cut into tiles.  They would then be cut up into the sizes you specify (12×12“, 6×12“, 12×24” etc), boxed, put inside wooden crates and shipped to the USA.

Which blocks do you choose?  There are hundreds of them.  There are a huge number of darker gray blocks with little veining.  There are far less white colored blocks.  The price of the blocks is reflected by this supply and demand.

Now comes the decision making: Pay $3 to $4SF less than the premium white for the gray blocks. Or opt for the best this white mountain has to offer.  You have to make a choice pay the lower price and import the ‘CD’ grade like almost every other US importer of Carrara or go for the premium product.  The whitest base Carrara Bianco available.

The USA is a very price sensitive market.  If we did not buy these blocks of Carrara then most likely it would head off somewhere else in the world. But everything comes back to the same question “what would I want in my bathroom/kitchen?” and “what would I want to wake up to and look at for the nest 20 years or more?”.  Given the length of time this Home Improvement will last, I want the best marble I can get a couple of dollars a square foot more is okay as long as I understand the rationale behind it.

Hope this explains why our quality of Carrara is so high, it is no accident.  We have selected blocks to get the best look.  Italy charges more, it does not fit what everyone is looking for, some people are all price ( I understand that, perhaps it is a flip) we are price and quality.  See for yourself, order a sample, call us, ask for pictures of our current lots compared to ‘CD’ grade Carrara.  Communication is the key, it is a big project, work with us, we are here to help!  Questions email or call 800-308-9359.

Carrara Blocks

Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile

Carrara Venato 3×6″ Honed

Carrara Venato 3×6″ Honed (Lighter lot received on container Oct 10th)

New shipment of Carrara Venato 3×6″ honed arrived at the of last week.  This lighter lot has perfect veining.  50% of the tiles are plain white creating an overall whiter appearance.  The Carrara is shipped in receiving order, so technically this lighter product will not ship until December/January next year and samples for it will not be going out either as we will ship our current inventory from prior containers first.

However if you have a particular interest in this lighter looking Carrara Venato 3×6″ you can email us, reference the bog and we can send out samples from this batch.

Carrara Therapy with Jeff & Jenni

Picture from Bravo Website

So I finished work early today as the my Elementary schooler had early release today (I wish it was late start and normal release – I get her to school at 7:10am).  While waiting for the school bus to show up around 12pm instead of the usual 2:30pm I watched a re-run of “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis – Episode #1 Almost Perfect”.  Being in the home improvement/remodeling business I like to watch new styles and see what products are being promoted.  Especially since our products were actually on the DIY network on a show call “I hate my Bath”.

The bathroom (though they did not say during the show) is a 18×18″ Calacatta polished tile (we sell 12×12″ Calacatta and 6×12″ Calacatta for just $14.95SF – which is a lot cheaper than the product they used in this show.) our Calacatta 12×12″ and 6×12″ is actually Calacatta Borghini.  So we have the best possible Calacatta gold marble – ours is available in honed and polished – okay enough promoting our Calacatta Gold.

The shower was the interesting part.  They went for a Carrara Herringbone format, but not a mosaic and not Calacatta which they used on the floor.  They used a 12×12″ tile and cut it into 2″ x 12″ strips and then installed it.  It looks fantastic.  It takes 6-9 months for us to introduce new products from Italy and it just so happens at the end of March we have 3×8″ subway tile arriving, we also along with JeffLewis recognize that long plank field subway tiles look awesome installed on the floor or wall in a Herringbone format.  So we just feel that it is cool that we have moved in a direction of longer thinner planked marble subway tiles just at the time when we are seeing it more on TV and magazines.

The advantage with ours, the 3×8″ Carrara Bianco honed and Carrara Bianco 3×8″ polished only costs $8.50SF and they are already cut with a micro-beveled.  The time, cost and waste savings of not having to cut 12×12″ is incredible.  So looking to recreate this bathroom or just looking to create a long plank Herringbone masterpiece of your own – we have the solution on March 25th.  Towards the end of 2012 we will have 4×12″ and some other formats – so stay tuned.

Carrara Bianco 3×8″ available in Honed and Polished for $8.50SF

For more information please email or call 800-308-9359.