$8.95SF Carrara Pietra Basketweave 1×2″ Gray Dot Marble

Carrara Pietra Basketweave Gray DotPietra Carrara 1×2″ Basketweave with Bardiglio Dot $8.95 a Square Foot.

Pietra Carrara Basketweave with Gray dot $8.95 a Square Foot (Thru Jan 2016). Again the price is introductory through January 2016. For me if I was just buying a mosaic for a floor and wanted the Gray Bardiglio Dot I would probably go in this direction.

The additional Gray in the white stone really makes the whole mosaic look really impressive.  Again well underpriced, a new product Genuine Marble for $8.95 a Square Foot on a mesh backed mosaic 5SF to a box. Always order a sample and check before ordering that it fits with your plans.

We will get more pictures as we proceed through 2016.  I cannot believe 2016!


It is 2017! More pictures of new Lots and still looking incredible.


Carrara Pietra Gray Dot Basketweave $8.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2017.

This lot is over a year later and the product still looks incredible. Very consistent.


Italian Carrara Bianco Stanza with Bardiglio Gray Dot

Stanza Marble Mosaic TileItalian excellence.  This unique mosaic with Italian Bardiglio Gray dot for $12.75 a square foot available in Honed and Polished.

Stanza Basketweave with Bardiglio Gray DotNew addition to the Carrara Bianco Collection Stanza Basketweave with Gray dot.