Calacatta Gold. Timeless. Stately. Refined.

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Premium Calacatta Gold 5″ Hexagon Mosaic framed with thin strips of Marble. Legacy marble. Almost impossible to find this level of perfection. A slab of this quality costing over $20,000 a cubic foot and that is still in the mountain. Create a no frills marketing strategy and remove all middlemen we can deliver at a price others cannot without having to compromise on quality. (PS…. that’s how the competition competes they lower the quality, do not actually buy Italian Calacatta Gold or reduce the size and sell by the piece).

Calacatta Gold Backsplash.

Caalcatta Gold Hexagon

Available online from The Builder Depot Calacatta Gold Collection (Price may change as this price reflects the price at the time of this post).

Calacatta Gold Penny Rounds

Part of our Italian Calacatta Gold Collection Penny Round Marble Mosaic pictured is Honed (or Matte finish) it is also available in Polished (or gloss) Finish.

I love that moment when you open new crates and see perfection. Not only just in the cut of the Penny rounds (which is amazing) but then the quality and then just $23.95 a Square Foot (as of Sept 2022…. probably $30.00 a Square Foot in 12 months…. inflation and a finite resource).

This grade is exported to be used in the most luxurious hotels in the world in a slab format, think bars, lobby’s, dramatic entrance on a massive scale. Huge blocks are cut and the largest importer from Italy of this marble (if you thought America you are wrong) is Saudi Arabia, the hotels the palaces the endless wealth of the oil rich nation is reflected in their love of luxury items.

The very best blocks are selected, from those the waste or smaller blocks they cannot use. The smaller blocks can be significant…. create decades of relationships with Italian suppliers to these palaces and we can get these perfect smaller blocks from that produce and cut shapes for mosaics from the best marble blocks in the world.

Calacatta Gold creating absolutely stunning bathrooms for over 2,000 Years…. and a product or bathroom will only increase in value overtime.

Amazing Calacatta Kitchen 🙂

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This picture of Calacatta Gold 3×6″ Honed Backsplash from Instagram here is from July 2022.

The website where you can see this “incredible” makeover is here SimplySummerJenn it would have taken some over-ordering so you can select the look you want. If I wanted to re-create this backsplash I would over order by 20% possible 25% so I could pick through and create the exact look wanted. It did not install itself and it was not installed box-to-box like a ceramic. You are creating art with natural stone and you or the person you are working with then certainly the complexity of Calacatta Gold is not for you. Get it right, installed correctly and you have not just good but exceptional! Gold 🙂

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I would recommend taking a look at the website for incredible pictures and a good read on a variety of subjects. This kitchen is a DREAM!

As with all our blog posts prices are subject to change (as eventually this post will become a decade old). This was posted during 2022 when inflation was impacting globally. Hopefully in the future inflation is under control again.

Calacatta Gold in Production


Calacatta Gold 12×12″ Polished being produced the current price is $16.95 a Sq.Ft.

This lot is clearly not available on the date I am writing this post October 20th 2016 as it is in Italy. But within about 3-4 weeks it will be packed up and in Alpharetta.

It is a challenge getting this specific look. We look for larger bands of veining as opposed to the spidery veining that some blocks of Calacatta Gold can have. Both are appealing just this is a specific look we have decided upon.

In time we will likely stock more than one type of Calacatta Gold so we can cover both veining options. This will go along with the new warehouse facility opening in Spring 2016.

Another angle of the Calacatta Gold 12×12″ going through production. Here is a better look at the veining we aim for, wide bands of veining. This is more difficult to find compared to the spider veined Calacatta Gold. Boots on the ground in Italy help us ensure the quality, even if they are yellow ones 🙂

Calacatta is a very, very tricky product to buy in field tiles. In Calacatta Gold Mosaics it is simple as it is a mix. But tiles are more complex. You can reduce the complexity by over ordering. A premium Calacatta Gold as we see here in production is $60 to $120 a Square Foot through traditional brick and mortar stores.

We are selling it for $16.95 a Square Foot. Given the almost ridiculous price difference I would advise significantly over ordering. Then you have choice. You can create the exact look you want. You may decide to order twice what you need, that would then cost you just under $40.00 a Square Foot. You save a huge amount of money and you have complete control over the product you can choose which tiles make your short list and which do not.

(Please note you cannot go through the tile and then return what you do not want. The objective of a return is for us to re-sell it to another customer. Just as you would not someone else’s rejects please do not make us sell your rejects. Treat people as you would expect to be treated. It is a simple sentence but as a country or even world we seem to have forgotten how important those words are).

*Prices are subject to change at the time of this post this was the price. Calacatta has more price fluctuation than regular Carrara sue to it’s limited availability.

Italian Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles – Honed and Polished

Italian Calacatta Tiles MarbleCalacatta Gold to be cut into 6×12″ Honed and 6×12″ Polished for $17.95 a Square Foot

Not a Great year for Calacatta field tiles. Out of stock on the polished 3×6″ for all of 2015 and 2×12″ polished.  This is not because we could not buy Calacatta Gold, on the contrary we have refused almost 40 containers simply based on the quality and then what met with quality in early summer did not meet the price point we wanted for our customers.  But it looks like we are on a roll (literally the tile moves along these rollers). On the plus side we have done well with honed and expanded into some fantastic mosaic.

Calacatta Gold Production Marble Tile

Calacatta Gold – at last some good looking product coming down the line. Note the yellow Wellies these are a must in Italy (which is short for Wellington Boots in England, someone will have to tell me what they are called in the USA pond hoppers? I am not kidding in England these are called Wellies, great name for kids. Wonderful for English weather and puddle splashing, for proof here is a British site selling them here now I have put a link here these brits will be confused by the sudden interest from Americans in their Wellies, they will think, look “Americans want Wellies” and they will export, lets hope they don’t).

These are a must in Italy.  Latest fashion trend? I think not. But then I may have thought the same about fuzzy sheep feet too. So if I am wrong I apologize. I also apologize to my Italian colleague in the yellow wellies as I am pointing them out when in reality yes all of this tile is cut using blades and water, so there is water everywhere and wellies are essential, even yellow works.

I have got way off track, the point is which makes me happy is we have more Calacatta Gold coming in and it looks great. We want the light base color but with banded veining. I am not sure why, it just looks so much better than the thin spidery veining you can get in the Borgihini.  We have had and sold Calacatta Borghini but for us as a business we are aiming for the light base, not veining on all tiles as that would be too busy, but tiles do need to have that wide veining.  It is a very specific look and that may be part of our problem in trying to keep it in stock and clearly selling it for just $17.95 a square foot in 6×12″ honed is not helping.

Calacatta Gold Herringbone Marble Mosaic Tile

Calacatta Herringbone 1x2" Mosaic TileCalacatta Gold 1×2″ Herringbone Marble Mosaic Tile

Calacatta Herringbone Marble Mosaic TilePremium Mosaic Tile available online from for $15.95SF part of our Calacatta Gold Collection

New Calacatta Inventory

CALACATTA 2 no backgound New ProductThese are the tiles we are having cut into Calacatta Gold 12×12″ Honed and 6×12″ Calacatta Gold Honed

It has been an incredible challenge keeping Calacatta in stock and getting the quality right (many of our regular customer I know this year have been frustrated by our lack of stock).  This year we have rejected hundreds of blocks from Italy, determined to get the quality we need.  Italy itself has been struggling with pulling blocks that fits our requirement.  We are focused on offering a premium selection of Calacatta but at a price that makes sense.  Having the wider bands of veining within the tiles has been key.  This is the look we all want in the USA.  Italian’s and other European countries like the spidery thinner veining with a cream base.

In the USA and at The Builder Depot we believe it is all about the whitest possible base and wide banded veining.  These tiles pictured above will be cut up and arrive around summer 2014.  There will not be a lot of stock at first.  But throughout the year and assuming we can continue to get this quality then we will increase availability.  If you have an interest in this particular style of Carrara please let us know

$14.95SF Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 6×12″ Subway Tile

Premium Italian 6×12″ Calacatta Gold Marble Subway Tile & Trims.  Available in Honed & Polished

Calacatta Gold Update

Calacatta Gold updates (May 24, 2011).  As of today the Calacatta collection is taking backorders.  The first products will arrive at the start of July.  This will be the Calacatta Gold 3×6” subway tile and Calacatta Gold 2” Hexagon.  We already have samples in stock and ready to ship, we recommend any customer seeking unrivaled quality and pricing on premium Calacatta marble place backorders.

This product is quite exclusive and there is not a huge supply, we will do our best to keep this product in stock but please be aware there will be times when certain items will be out of stock.  However any customer that places backorders will get that product as it will be ordered and placed directly with the quarry.

The following will be the Calacatta Gold collection:

  • 3×6” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Polished
  • 6×12” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Polished
  • 2” Hexagon Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 1×2” Basketweave Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 1×2” Herringbone Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 12” Pencil Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 12” Chair Rail Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 4×12” Skirting Calacatta Gold Polished
  • 3×6” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Honed
  • 6×12” Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Honed
  • 2” Hexagon Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 1×2” Basketweave Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 1×2” Herringbone Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 12” Pencil Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 12” Chair Rail Calacatta Gold Honed
  • 4×12” Skirting Calacatta Gold Honed