Carrara Bianco 3/4″ Penny rounds Arrive

Carrara Bianco 3/4" PennyroundsToday arrived a new lot of 3/4″ Bianco Carrara Pennyrounds. This image shows honed, it is available in both finishes honed and polished for $14.95 a sheet

Carrara Bianco 3/4" PennyroundsNo hand model but it does not take much effort to make this Bianco 3/4″ penny round honed mosaic look pretty

This container arrived Feb 11th 2014 with the perfect lot of Carrara Bianco Pennyrounds.  Both the polished and honed lots have a great look.  Penny rounds are a very traditional style for anyone looking to restore homes to its original look.  Market prices in high end boutique tile and stone retailers have this priced at over $40.00 a square foot.  The Builder Depot with it’s no frills marketing strategy brings this premium Italian 3/4″ pennyround marble mosaic online for just $14.95 a sheet.  “Reverse Sticker shock” courtesy of The Builder Depot 🙂

Italian Marble production and pictures from the Quarry to Factory

Carrara QuarryTo get an idea of the size of this quarry (one of an estimated 300) in Italy look at the machinery/vehicle in the bottom left corner.

Carrara Quarry IIApproximately 500,000 metric tons are exported every month from Carrara Italy.

Carrara Bianco 8x16"Carrara Bianco 8×16″ Marble Tile during production in Italy

Carrara Bianco 12x24" Marble TileCrates showing Italian Carrara 12×24″ Marble Tile Honed.  Premium quality.  White base and clear veining.

Carrara Bianco 12x24" Marble Tile HonedAnother picture Carrara Bianco 12×24″.  While not the greatest pic the marble makes up for it with this incredible veining and white base (the ETA of this particular lot will be June 1st 2013).

Taken from the quarries in Carrara Italy, the blocks are carefully selected.  At we want the premium grade, whitest possible base with clear veining.  This is what we want for our Carrara Bianco collection.  It is not easy to get the best and not always possible, as it is a natural stone and we are subject to what is coming from the mountain at any particular time.  However on this occasion/lot that is arriving June 1st 2013 it looks like we have achieved just that.  The very best.

Carrara Bianco Collection 16×16″ Polished and 2″ Hexagon

Carrara Bianco 16x16" Polished, Trims and HexagonCarrara Bianco 16×16″ Marble Tile Polished • 2″ Hexagon Polished • Chair Rail Polished • Pencil Trim Polished

Bianco Carrara Collection

Bianco Carrara Collection from

While it is not the most organized picture.  It certainly shows how the collection as a whole blends well together.  This month we have received in over 80 pallets of Carrara Bianco Marble tile.  The quality of stone is better than 2011, the current Carrara lots have a very white base with crisp clean veining throughout the tiles and mosaics (as the picture shows).  Order a sample and see for yourself at

The picture shows  from far left Carrara Bianco Stella Long Octagon, Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Mosaic, 3×6″ Carrara Subway in brick format, two tiles of Carrara Bianco 3×8″, next to that is Carrara Bianco 2×4″ mosaic.  The trims include (at the bottom) Carrara Bianco Skirting, Carrara Bianco Pencil and Chair Rail.