Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Premium Grade

Made in Italy

Picture of Honed Bianco Carrara 12×24″ Marble Tile, One Hundred and Ninety Square Feet Shipping out today for $9.95 a Square Foot. Exceptional ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble.

I say premium Grade. But the Bianco Carrara collection is only “C” grade Bianco Carrara which is the best grade of Bianco Carrara available. Many retailers will tell you it is impossible to get or no longer available and they are correct ‘for the distributor they buy from’. But if you have people in Europe an pay cash…..  well…. that is a different story “Why didn’t you just say you bought a suitcase full of Euros? Have a seat”.

We stock this 12×24″ in Honed and Polished for $9.95 a Square Foot (at the time of this post, prices can change at any time).

Well it may start out that way but over a decade you build relationships. You always, always pay cash upfront. You become the #1 customer. The only cash paying account they have. That means….  The very best lots.

It is as they say “Impossible to get, simply because we bought it”.

Buying online follow some simple rules, read about us it outlines what we need from you (we need you to read and understand who we are, we are not salespeople).

Here are a few helpful tips to buying marble online.

Finally. Take your time. Read our FAQ page, particularly #15. Mistakes made by others.

Good luck. Our job is not to sell just to provide the facts. You have to decide to join the thousands and thousands who have bought from us before you.

Not all Carrara Marble is Equal

Premium 12x24" Italian Marble TileIn the background is lot# 683535-12 ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble 12×24″ Honed $9.95SF (we only import ‘C’ grade but as with everything occasionally there is the exceptional).  On top of it is 12×12″ CD Grade Italian marble.  Available almost everywhere. On it’s own without comparison lower grade Carrara looks okay.  Put it next to our tile and their is no comparison.

Let me take you through the decision making process and you see which direction you would have chose when importing Italian marble. It was the Summer of 2014 in Carrara, Italy, blocks were cut, all you had to do was choose which blocks you wanted to have cut into tiles.  They would then be cut up into the sizes you specify (12×12“, 6×12“, 12×24” etc), boxed, put inside wooden crates and shipped to the USA.

Which blocks do you choose?  There are hundreds of them.  There are a huge number of darker gray blocks with little veining.  There are far less white colored blocks.  The price of the blocks is reflected by this supply and demand.

Now comes the decision making: Pay $3 to $4SF less than the premium white for the gray blocks. Or opt for the best this white mountain has to offer.  You have to make a choice pay the lower price and import the ‘CD’ grade like almost every other US importer of Carrara or go for the premium product.  The whitest base Carrara Bianco available.

The USA is a very price sensitive market.  If we did not buy these blocks of Carrara then most likely it would head off somewhere else in the world. But everything comes back to the same question “what would I want in my bathroom/kitchen?” and “what would I want to wake up to and look at for the nest 20 years or more?”.  Given the length of time this Home Improvement will last, I want the best marble I can get a couple of dollars a square foot more is okay as long as I understand the rationale behind it.

Hope this explains why our quality of Carrara is so high, it is no accident.  We have selected blocks to get the best look.  Italy charges more, it does not fit what everyone is looking for, some people are all price ( I understand that, perhaps it is a flip) we are price and quality.  See for yourself, order a sample, call us, ask for pictures of our current lots compared to ‘CD’ grade Carrara.  Communication is the key, it is a big project, work with us, we are here to help!  Questions email or call 800-308-9359.

Carrara Blocks

Carrara Venato Honed Bathroom (12×24″ and 1×3″ Mosaic)

Carrara Venato 12x24" and 1x3" Stacked Brick Honed Mosaic TileCarrara Venato Honed Bathroom using Carrara Venato 12×24″ Honed on the walls and ceiling and Carrara Venato 1×3″ Honed Stacked Brick on the floor