Bianco Carrara Collection…. lot matching.


Start of the lot matching process for an order mixed of many products

Carrara Marble

Adding more products per customers instructions


Another angle (why not very happy with this match)


I just loved the veining on this Bianco Carrara 3×6″ honed…. time for a close up 🙂

Our Bianco Carrara Collection; Customers place orders for bathrooms with multiple products on the order. This is normal for us and we inventory our own products in the same location we are communicating to you about your order.

We own our warehouse and our office is located in the same facility. This allows us access to the products. While this does not seem like a big deal…. it is! Most online companies (over 95%) do not have access to their inventory. They are either drop shipping or using a 3PL (third party warehouse). This has a huge number of problems, here are just two:

#1. Drop Shipping or using a 3PL warehouse to ship marble does not work because no one will check your order to see if it lot matches. It will just be packed by someone that an hour ago was packing tennis shoes, or T-Shits, they have no skill in natural stone. They are not trained to even look inside the box.

#2. The return policy will be painful. It is painful regardless this is marble it is heavy but a company that does not ship from its own facility will have huge penalties for returns 30-40% of the order, because the 3PL location cannot process it. It will just get thrown away and your penalty is the company simply writing it off and throwing it away.

We like to spend time going through lots and sometimes we achieve the impossible with a natural product. Here we have 18×18″ Carrara Bianco Honed, Bianco Carrara 3×6″, Baseboard Honed, Basketweave with Bardiglio dot, Herringbone 1×2″, Basketweave border along with 2×4″ Nero Marquina. The matching of this collection of Bianco products is excellent. A third party warehouse cannot do this. It cannot send you pictures.

This selection will create an impressive bathroom.

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