Silver Cream Diamond Palisade Arrives!

palisade-warehouse$12.95 a Square Foot available in Honed and Polished.

I love new product arrivals. It is one thing planning it. Another thing the moment you open the crate and see it. Here is that moment as the crate is opened captured with all the skill of my iPhone photography. It has the Silver Cream or White Oak as the Diamond, then Athens Gray as the strips and a Thassos white dot. Looks great!

We were actually asked by a large retailer who was paying $24.95 a Square Foot if this was a product we could import as they sell so much of it. Given the price disparity the retailer was paying it made sense for him to get it for half the cost and in return charge his customers half the cost. Everyone wins…… except for the distributor trying to sell it for $24.95 a Square Foot. But the Distributor is buying from another Distributor and everyone is adding 100% margin, it is an antiquated distribution system that is completely broken part of the problem with the tile and stone industry.

*Note prices are correct at the time of the post and may change over time.

S:Billy ShareRTS patternsRTS Base Molding Model (1)

Specification Drawing for the new product.

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