New Product for Chevron Collection

New Products

This is a Vein cut Bardiglio Gray Marble to try and show more movement in the stone. Which is important in thin pieces. Otherwise you would get a plain gray stone which would be significantly less interesting. Available in Honed and arrived last week, we should have it online soon. It will be $14.95 a Sheet.

2 Responses to New Product for Chevron Collection

  1. Tracy says:

    Do you have any images of this installed or at least grouted? Please share. I’m very interested.

    • Good morning Tracy,

      As of yet no one has been kind enough to send in an image.

      We can lay out more of the product, 4-5 sheets giving you a better look as a whole if you would like.

      I would say grout color is key with this product, do you stick with the same color as the stone, or go opposite. I would probably go stone color or perhaps a shade lighter Gray. I know then it is just less maintenance.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

      For more accurate responses please feel free to go to the website you can use the chat, give us a call at 800-308-9359 or email us directly to start a dialogue. Blog posts are limited in what we can provide as information back.

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