Arabesque Large Format without a Bevel

$10.95 a Square Foot Matte Arabesque available in Gloss finish arabesque as well. And we thought, Free Shipping as well (prices valid for 2016). Each piece is 6.1″ (155mm) in height and 5.1″ (130mm) in width. One sheet covers a square foot 8 pieces. Just as a 3×6″ on a mesh would. There is a spec drawing attached.

We have had the Beveled version of Arabesque large format in stock for over a year and it has been selling well. Then people ask if we have it without the bevel? And how about on a mesh for easier installation? I agree. Good plan. So we did just that and here it is. In Gloss and Matte or flat, but not a shiny finish 🙂

Personally I prefer my iPhone warehouse pic as the product arrives, that is the one in the box it is real. I love warehouse pictures, just open the box and take a picture (job done in 10 seconds), forget all the frills. Keep the cost down for the customer not waste it on models draped over tiles, I mean that is not too likely in someones home, is it? I want it realistic. So what you see is what you get. I do not think customers should have to pay for unrealistic images, as that is where the cost has to go….  onto the product. Eliminate that cost and you can offer better value. Now that I can live with!

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