Big companies reduce the size of mosaics to boost sales!


The HEADLINE PRICE IS LOWER – THE PRODUCT IS SMALLER (But consumers fail to notice).

This is an unfortunate trend we have noticed. Companies are reducing the size of mosaic sheets. This is one clear example. Our Penny round in white and on the bottom and the big box retailer is black and on the top.

Big box retailers listed on the stock market are continually under pressure to increase profits. One way to do that is to offer lower price. Sell by “the Sheet” this allows the ‘Big Box’ to sell at a lower price. The price the consumer sees or the HIGHLIGHTED PRICE is low, it is low because a quarter of the sheet is missing.

The same trend has moved into Hexagon. Particularly the 2″ Hexagon mosaic sheets have become a 6 by 6  (6 Columns by 6 Rows) for a total of 36 pieces of 2″ Hexagon. Ours is still 7 by 6 or a total of 42 pieces of 2″ Hexagon. Forty two pieces creates a full sheet a complete square foot thirty size pieces do not.

Few consumers notice this when buying. They see a HEADLINE price. Do not look at the specs. They buy. Then when installing they realize they cannot complete the job. They have to wait to get more, if the supplier has run out….. the worst case is they have to start again. Especially in marble when matching lots is important.

I am sure as corporations try to compete with private companies like ours that have little interest in being millionaires. Flying in private jets or driving around in excessive cars. NYSE listed big boxes will have to come up with more innovative ways to essentially “stick it to the customer”.

As for us, The Builder Depot. We will always put our employees and customers first. Sell a product that is as close as possible to a full square foot. Simply because it is the right thing to do. It fits with who we are a company with Integrity where our actions are based on our values rather than personal gain.

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