$17.95 A Square Foot Arabesque Glass Brilliant White

Brilliant WhiteBrilliant White Arabesque Mosaic $17.95 a Square Foot.

Another iPhone warehouse picture: The Brilliant white Arabesque Mosaic Tile and how white this product really is can be seen fully here.  It is an amazing look and backsplash design as this covers a square foot it is effectively half the price of the competition at $17.95 a Sheet which covers a Square Foot.  I am very proud of this product. Every one else makes it smaller, sells it for more. We have tried to cover everything a full square foot (just slightly over), Fused Back and 8mm thick for stability attached to a mesh for ease of installation.

We have checked every box a comparable $50.00 a Square Foot product would cost, go ahead order a sample, take it to the retailer. (then please let him know where he can buy it, as his supplier will not be as good).

  • Exceptional Price (even though it is short term).
  • Incredible Quality, order a sample or zoom in on this image.
  • In stock – hundreds of square feet, average shipping time is 1-2 business days, this is the shipping guide #6 & #8 for https://thebuilderdepot.wordpress.com/faq/
  • No games – sold by the Square foot Sheet covers a square Foot.
  • 8mm Thick for stability.
  • Kiln Infused Backing.
  • Brilliant White with green tint removed.
  • Mesh Mosaic for ease of installation.

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