Carrara Pietra 3″ Octagon Mosaic arrives and 6×12″ Tile

Pietra Carrara Hexagon Arrives

It finally arrives, but only 720 Square Feet…. Yikes.

This is 3″ Octagon Mosaic with a Bardiglio Gray dot. This is not the best position for the picture there are 4 crates in front on me and it is throwing it down with rain this Monday morning (the commute of 400 would be a nightmare).  It was 2003 when I last saw this product, however it had a Black Dot, which was okay, but I was never 100% happy with it.  That is 13 years ago. So of course I am a little excited. I know this can come over as a little odd for non-stone marble people.

Pietra Carrara 3%22 Octagon with Bardiglio Dot

I opened the box. Wow! $10.95 a Square Foot for 3″ Octagon Mosaic with the Bardiglio Gray dot was a perfect choice.

What a great choice. This time I dropped the black dot. I always like the subtlety of the Bardiglio dot. The 3×3″ format means a less busy look. Over the 2″ Mosaic.  Priced at $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping until the end of December 20

Pietra Carrara available in 3×6″, 6×12″ and 12×24″. The veining is more pronounced.

4 Responses to Carrara Pietra 3″ Octagon Mosaic arrives and 6×12″ Tile

  1. Maria blanco says:

    How many days can be delivered?

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

      Question #6 on the FAQ here:

      This has a map of UPS shipping times and a guide. On average we ship out products out in 1-2 Business Days. We can ship faster, far faster than the industry average of 2-3 weeks. The rest is up to UPS and in some cases the weather.

      The tracking number we will email you as soon as the order ships would have more actual detail and provide a phone number to UPS so you can stay in contact particularly if the order is a needed quickly.

      Thank you

  2. Chris says:

    Is this pietra Carrara 6×12 and 12×24 individual smaller tiles or does it come on the sheets?

    • Hi Chris,

      The field tiles 3×6″ and larger in format are all loose tiles.

      To directly answer your question the 6×12″ and 12×24″ are loose tiles, no one could put them on a mesh it would be too heavy, the 12×24″ would be 2 pieces thats almost 10Lbs, if you tried 4 pieces it would be 20Lbs it would be a nightmare and too heavy to actually stick to any mesh.

      It would be useful for installation that I understand but the practicality of it is just not possible currently.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot

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