White Oak Marble Trims, Mosaics and More

White Oak Marble 1x3At last!  I have been waiting for this 1×3″ Herringbone in White Oak Marble for $11.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2015 (maybe extend it into Jan – please accounting).

You can see the difference in the price from current mosaics and Free shipping is a real bonus. The price from our current Basketweave that has a bevel (which is not easy on a floor underfoot). I like some things rounded and the 3D must add some design cost. But it does seem a rather expensive OTT option. Here is the 3D Basketweave. (that price knocks me over every time, actually I can no longer look at it, it is over $20+).

For people who want a Basketweave option with 3D then great and I would end up think wow, that is really nice. But then there is me and for those like me that like a lower price without compromise in quality then that is why I wanted this: Basketweave for a $10.95SF and Free Shipping!! Just a normal White Oak Basketweave with low price. I know flat Basketweave is not exciting for Boutique style showrooms so that is probably why it is not in the collection.  But it is now 🙂

White Oak CollectionIt has taken nearly a year to get this collection completely together. So now we have the field tiles $7.45SF for 6×24″ Honed but also Pencil, Chair Rail Base Board and a flat Inexpensive mosaic. The entire collection is on this page click here.

Basketweave 1x2%22 White OakLook at this $10.95 a Square foot and Free Shipping for 2015

The ability to create designs I like. I love trims. Then I like a choice of mosaic. Then the field tile and the white oak looks great in the 12×24″ and I love the 6×24″ I like big tiles, less grout.  These 12×24″ tiles are $9.50SF honed and polished.

As usual our pictures are taken with an iPhone to ensure they are “real” and “low cost” so you get that still in the crate pic. I have to show you my iPhone one day it is definitely not a 6 and does not according to my 11 year old have a ‘S’ after the 5 and can only store a few apps and some other words were mumbled.  Essentially I am not cool in the “phone dept.”.  But it is low cost taking pics like this, I am the CEO and I just go around taking pics with my iPhone, the pictures are real and to me that is what counts. Thank you for taking the time to read.  This entire collection is managed by stephen@thebuilderdepot.com he will be more than happy to answer any questions.  Works M-F from 9am to 4pm EST.  Looking for a new style, different products, let us know. If we need it, we can have 300 different products of this.  I love it.  It is all demand dependent.

(final note….. I was up at 6am getting the kids to school I need some tea before they get up at 6:30am, so I am not incredibly grumpy, it is now 8pm, I bet there are a few mistakes in this post. If there are and you are reading it, I apologize, you can send changes correct my errors, I will not be offended, then when I get to work tomorrow I will fix it, but I was just too excited to share the pictures).

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