White Hot Collection!

Whisper White ProductsBeveled Whisper White Arabesque Tile $10.50SF and Free Shipping for 2016 available in Gloss Finish and Matte Finish

What you see is what we ship. I love taking pictures at the back of the warehouse dock with the iPhone. This is an incredible backsplash look the Arabesque Whisper White Beveled Tile (8 Pieces for $10.50 (that is a square foot) and Free Shipping all prices valid for 2016) is a personal favorite. We have matching 3×6″ handcrafted subway tile for $8.35 a Square Foot along with Crown Molding for $3.95 each and quarter round trim to finish the job for $3.50 each.

Arabesque is still a new style in the market place and as such companies get to bamboozle the consumer with prices as their is little information and plenty of mis-information. I have seen price from $28 to $86.50 a square foot in retailers for the exact same product, same factory, we can look up where the products are exported from through customs data.

Major Corporations have HUGE overhead and they need their customers to pay for it, their private jet or their key five executives compensation which in 2015 (according to data from morning star) was over $16m and that would not include millions and millions in stock options.  You the consumer pays for this when you buy the product. That is the only feasible way a cost can be passed on, through products, money just does not grow on trees for them. They charge for the products and that then pays their compensation. I have no issue with people earning a living. But equally there is only so much money you can need, maybe not. I personally have no idea.

It is very nice of people to pay for the executives to earn millions and millions of dollars, when you remodel, perhaps you are on a budget and decide to put your sweat equity into the installation and do it yourself. These guys are not worried about installing tile.  They will not be doing the installation on their own home (or they might, I am making assumptions).

Our business model is simplified. Take all the links out of the supply chain, go direct, pay with cash not terms, work hard (that one is a shocker, really hard so this is me the CEO of the company typing this now at 9pm at night, not the marketing department (as we do not have one – we do not want you paying for it). I took the picture with my cell phone. That is the marketing department. Do more with less! Everyone works. In fact it has become such a challenge for people to believe our prices that we had to create a short white board video to explain it.

Personally I could tell you, but I think it is better that you read from a customer who explains it with more clarity than me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.11.40 PM

Do you know who once said “I love paying $10.00 square foot more for the same product” or “Please let me pay you $10,000 more, I will just leave the cash here for you to take as I do not need it”.

No One; Ever 🙂

Beveled Arabesque Tile

Arabesque Whisper White Tile $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping thru 2016 (you receive 8 pieces) available in a Matte Finish for $10.95SF and Free Shipping until we can no longer afford to offer it.

One Response to White Hot Collection!

  1. Debra Belton says:

    I just rerecorded to replace my original worn 70’s arabesque back splash. They were smaller and a few were missing. These should fit nicely while remaining true to the character of the home. Thanks!

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