Houzz.com awards new badges to The Builder Depot

Houzz Badges

A nice email from Houzz.com and a great way to start the Fall. This year has been incredible we have grown from 600 products to over 1,000 in just 9 months. Inventory levels have also increased beyond two million square feet allowing us to support larger and larger projects from Aritzia’s new Flagship store in NYC to Presidential suites in premium 5 star Hotels up and down the East Coast.

We still pride ourselves on being a market disruptor by providing Contractors and Home owners with premium Italian marble, Glass tiles, Metal Mosaics and Porcelain Tiles for a fraction of the cost that traditional brick and mortar boutique retailers charge. This year we have certainly evolved. Another change for 2015; breaking ground on a new 2 acre facility with private showroom in Alpharetta, GA, this 15 loading dock distribution center will be over 30 times the size of our nearest competitor. This new DC really cements 🙂 our position in the market as not just here to stay but as a leader in this sector for decades to come. Once completed it will be nice to show the before and after pictures that are so traditional for remodeling, except our before and after will be a garage warehouse in 2009 to a two acre Distribution Center in 2016.

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