Antique White Highland Park Collection

Antique White Highland Park Collection

3×6″ Handcrafted Tile $8.35SF • 4×12″ Handcrafted $8.95SF • Elongated Hexagon Mosaic $10.50SF • Arabesque Mosaic $9.79SF • Crown Molding $3.95 a piece • Entire collection in Whisper white and Dove Gray and Antique White Here

This is part of the Highland park collection and we have newly added a 4×12″ to the already successfully selling 3×6″.  This premium collection is available to consumers, retailers, distributors and contractors. Stocked in Alpharetta, GA and ships in 1-2 Business days LTL freight.

Antique White 4x12 Ceramic Tile

Antique White 4×12″ Tile $8.95 a Square Foot (3 pieces to the square foot) available online from The Builder Depot

10 Responses to Antique White Highland Park Collection

  1. Kim says:

    I ordered samples of the antique white subway tile and the arabesques mosaic and they don’t look like they are the same color. Should they be?

    • Hi Kim, Please contact the office at 800-308-9359. There can be some differences, but they should be slight not obvious also the boxes should both say Antique White. You can also email or communicate via the online chat. This blog is not an ideal method of communication, all I can direct you to is the customer service department. They will be back in on the Monday after Thanksgiving. But if we have sent you the wrong product then we will correct it. We are not a small company, our interests do not lie in one of sales but building a legacy business that supports the community and employees people and pays them well. Thank you The Builder Depot.

  2. Somer says:

    It looks like the 3 x 6 is wavy and the 4 x 12 is not. Is that true?

    • Hi Somer,

      That is correct. The undulation as it is called is very pronounced on the 3×6″. But on the 4×12″ it is not. Due to the longer size (twice) the undulation causes weakness in the tile, making it too likely to break.

      It is something we are trying to work out. Whomever can figure out how to not impact the integrity of the tile while still have the handcrafted undulated look in 4×12″ format will have made a break through.

      It is a good spot. I am glad you asked!

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

  3. Hi Somer,

    There is a shipping calculator on the website. FAQ# Question 2b. Shows you where:

    I checked and it is not free shipping.

    While on the subject of Free Shipping. For other readers it is helpful to note that there is no such thing as Free Shipping. UPS made $1.27 Billion Dollar profit in 2016 they did not do this by shipping everything for free. The drivers do not use their own money to fill the trucks and refuse to take their pay for the week.

    Free Shipping is a marketing gimmick of the 2010 era. Designed to confuse consumers.

    It is very easy to make products free shipping. Take a product that costs $150.00 to ship. Its costs without free shipping is $10.00. The company then works out the average cost to ship over 12 months and builds that into the product cost. In this case the average order is 100 Sq.Ft. The $100.00 square Feet divided by the $150.00 to ship gives them a shipping cost of $1.50 to the consumer.

    If they now charge the customer $11.50 a Square Foot they can say “FREE SHIPPING” and they still get the $10.00 a square foot. The consumer is very impressed but the reality is nothing was free.

    This is where it gets really sad. If the most loyal and largest customers order 200 Sq.Ft. they are essentially paying $1.50 a Square Foot for the product to ship. They are paying $300.00 to ship their order. But it actually only costs the company doing the free shipping $150.00.

    The loyal customer gets essentially ripped off by $150.00. They have to pay $150.00 more than if the website broke out the shipping and gave them an a’la carte price for product and shipping.

    It is an incredible gimmick. It is highly unlikely the consumer will ever work it out. Free Shipping products make companies a lot more money than non-free shipping.

    This is the best case scenario.

    The worst case scenario the company lowers the quality to pay for the shipping.

    However more companies are simply reducing the size of the product making the mosaics smaller than a square foot. Then they can offer free shipping – which again is not free. They just removed a quarter of the sheet to pay for it. An example can be seen here.

    Thank you
    The Builder Depot.

  4. tylercnqrfit says:

    Do you guys have an antique white bull nose?

    • Good evening,

      Thank you for your message.

      The offices are closed, but I saw your message and thought I may be able to help. The Antique white is a quarter round available here.

      The products that go with the Antique white are on this page, we do not have anything else (there is a chair rail and the quarter round). All part of the collection here from Highland Park.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

  5. Leigh Ogar says:

    On the 3″x6″ Antique White Tile, when using Black grout does the Tile need to be sealed first?

    • Hi Leigh,

      It is not a bad idea, you have a white tile and plan to use black grout. You should technically be fine. I have seen black grout on all sorts of our ceramics a lot on the Arabesque, and that is brilliant white.

      But why take the risk for a sealer? I know I would seal it. At the very least so I am told it makes removing the grout easier, which is helpful.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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