Carrara Venato 2×4″ Polished and Beveled Mosaic Tile

Venato 2x4 Beveled Polished

Carrara Venato 2×4″ Beveled Mosaic Tile $9.50 a square foot.  Taken in our warehouse with just an iPhone (inside a pallet, inside out warehouse, so not the best photo spot) you can still see the white interior of the box as a reference point to see how incredibly white Carrara Venato actually is.  Just walking through the warehouse and taking pictures of lots as I go by. Always amazed at the white base color of this collection. Beautiful Stone!

2 Responses to Carrara Venato 2×4″ Polished and Beveled Mosaic Tile

  1. LeAnn Coats says:

    So it say’s $8.50 a square on this picture in the box, but 9.50 on the order. I need 38 sf carrara venato, 2×4 beveled mosaic. Also to make up the 50 minimum for no cost ship I would like 12 ea. 3/4 honed pencils.
    My question is 8.50 or 9.50?

    • Hi LeAnn,

      The website has the correct prices. This blog post is from 2015.

      When you add the product into the cart if you scroll down slightly (depending on your monitor size, there is a shipping calculator, you need only enter your zip code and state for an estimate on shipping).

      I would not want to enter all my details in then find out the shipping cost does not work for me. I am not sure where you are reading that the making the order to 50/SF allows the order to ship to ship for Free?

      Having said all of that, if you do decide to order. Please send the confirmation of the order through to I will refund $1.00 a square foot on the 2×4″ Beveled making it $8.50 a square foot for you.

      It actually states in the text:

      50SF minimum order requirement on this item.

      The 50SF can be made up of a combination of products (for example 20SF of 2×4″ and 20 Pieces of Trim and 10SF of Basketweave. Where the product comes from does not even have to be the same collection the objective it to achieve weight so the product can ship securely on a pallet with the wood supporting the marble).

      I cannot see the words “Free” and “Shipping” together in the text at all on this page, but I could be wrong.

      Have a great Friday and Weekend.
      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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