Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Honed Tile

Carrara Bianco 12x12 Honed Marble TileCarrara Bianco 12×12″ Honed $8.00SF. These two lots are in stock as of Nov 20th 2014.

Again the difference between the Bianco CD grade and the Bianco ‘C’ grade is distinct with the whiter base and clarity of veining.  At this particular time we have two lots of Carrara Bianco in stock.  Before ordering you may wish to email or speak to one of our sales guys about which lot is available at this time.  You can email us or call 800-308-9359.

These products are on sale 24/7 so there is no guarantee that these particular lots will be available.  We do however have more ‘C’ grade honed Carrara in stock and we will be more than happy to send pictures of new lots to you.

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