Bianco Carrara 2×4″ Flat and Beveled

Bianco Carrara 2x4" Mosaic TileBianco Carrara 2×4″ Honed Marble Mosaic Tile $8.50SF (prices valid for 6 months of posting this article, price maybe the same depends what will happen to prices in the world – costs, oil and so on).

Carrara Bianco 2x4 Beveled Honed

Beveled 2×4″ Bianco laid out 4-5 sheets to get an idea of what it looks like. Currently $9.50 a Square Foot available in the Beveled section of our website.

All prices on this blog our relevant for 6 months after positing. The price may continue but costs are impacting by shipping costs and raw material costs.

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