Carrara Venato Marble Bathroom

Carrara Venato BathroomCarrara Venato 4×12″ Honed and Venato Carrara Honed 2″ Hexagon on the Floor.  The Carrara Venato collection exclusive to The Builder Depot is an incredibly white based marble that a lot of people mistake for a Calacatta tile.

Carrara Venato 2x2 Hexagon and 4x12 Tile
This incredible bathroom was installed by Sterling Kitchen and Bath from Malvern PA.  The incredible marble was purchased from The Builder Depot

4 Responses to Carrara Venato Marble Bathroom

  1. says:

    it’s so beautiful.
    What color of grout do they use?

  2. Rande Plemons says:

    How do you care for this marble floor…do you have to seal it?

    • Hello,

      A great question and one I would love to have reinforced everyday.

      We have an FAQ page, number 15 on the page covers it, this is covered best by number 3.

      You need to use a Penetrating Sealer, I have been well informed by many customers that Bulletproof by DuPont is great. This customer has ordered from us and blogged about the entire process and the products used, she has created a handy DIY guide.

      This is #3 from the FAQ’s top 5 mistakes:

      #3. No sealer used. We are not installers, but you need to Pre-Seal before grouting and then seal all natural stone. DuPont that small $50bn company is not selling so many sealers for the fun of it (remember to seal before grouting) this is the #1 skipped step right behind not sealing. A lot of tile guys have just had enough when they have completed the job, they want the rest of their money and they want out. The pub is calling 🙂 It is an exhausting job. The thought of sealing all the tile is not a nice one. You cannot see a sealer very well. So they just skip it. Or try and tell you it is polished and polished tile does not need sealing. This is a lie. They just want to make it to Happy Hour. Natural Stone must be sealed.

      This is how I approach it. “I went online and found this sealer called Bullet Proof by DuPont it is really well rated and one that I will have to use again in 3-5 years.” I have never sealed tile before. Would you mind awfully if I watched how a professional does the sealing. You now solve two issues A) You get to secretly micro-manage the sealing and B) You will know how to do it when it is your turn. Do follow the instructions on the sealer.

      It is so important that the marble is sealed. Particularly in the shower where it will be (potentially) bombarded multiple times a day not just by water but soap and other detergents. This constant drenching with detergents and other non-natural liquids can have some unpleasant negative impacts on the marble. Sealing will drastically reduce this. Especially so on the Venato, it is a whiter stone. The base is whiter. You bought it for this reason. Now you have to look after it. All marble has mineral deposits these deposits can change color if the marble is not sealed. So seal it. Take care of it. What the installer. Let the sealer dry before use. Read the instructions on the sealer and re-seal regularly, especially in the shower.

      Any questions please let us know.

      We are here to help!

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