Carrara Arabesque Marble Mosaic

Carrara Venato Arabesque Marble MosaicCarrara Arabesque Marble Mosaic perfect for Kitchen Backsplash and only $16.95 a sheet.

The great thing about Venato now having sold it for over a decade is the consistency. Even today a box of 3×6″ Subway tile fits with a box of 3×6″ from 2006. We work with very large boards which are “The Standard” it has to meet this standard or it cannot get the Trademark Logo. For that reason it is probably the easiest collection to create a bathroom out of it.  As you can see from the image below. We have used a complex amount of products to make the point. It is actually a 10FT tall board showing 8×16″ Honed, then 6×12″ Honed then 3×6″ Honed, next is a pencil, then the Arabesque you see above and a chair rail and then followed up with Carrara Venato Honed Basketweave.

Venato Concept Board

This sample board was created to show how versatile the Carrara Venato collection really is. Due to our strict quality standards of this exclusive collection every product in the collection of over 80 different SKU (Stock Keeping Units) and two million square feet must match, this allows consumers, designers, builders and retailers to create complex designs without fear of the product not matching when it arrives on site.

4 Responses to Carrara Arabesque Marble Mosaic

  1. Danielle Mercer says:

    Wondering if this could be used as a bathroom floor tile?

  2. ASM says:

    Is this honed or polished marble?

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