Carrara Venato Honed Bathroom (12×24″ and 1×3″ Mosaic)

Carrara Venato Honed Bathroom using Carrara Venato 12×24″ Honed on the walls and ceiling and Carrara Venato 1×3″ Honed Stacked Brick on the floor

6 Responses to Carrara Venato Honed Bathroom (12×24″ and 1×3″ Mosaic)

  1. Glenn Miller says:

    What did you use for the marble on the curb of this shower? We want to use this tile but you don’t show any 3/4″ x 6″ that we could use for the top of shower curb.

    • The company that installed this bathroom purchased a slab and then cut the curb as needed. That did not come from us. You can see it is slightly different to the tile in the bathroom.

  2. Jon dolan says:

    I am looking at the stunning 12×24 venato carrara shower that was posted. If I was to order this would it be from the same lot of 12×24 tile?

    • Hi Jon,

      It will not be from a very similar lot. It cannot be from the exact same as that is installed, but it will be very close. I actually dealt with the Builder on this order and would be happy to go through the same process and help you. I laid out the tile in our warehouse along with the 1×3″ and trims and from that picture he approved the order and it was shipped.

      Please feel free to email the same department, ask for David and please provide me an idea of the square footage involved. Then I can send you back pictures of our current lots.

      Any questions please let me know.
      Thank you

  3. adamf says:

    What grout color was used in the shower?

    • Hello,

      They used a very, very almost white light gray – I think it is called antique white. They just tried to match the tile color as close as possible, making it almost invisible.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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