Natalie and The Builder Depot

A little “cheesy” but we like it

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  1. hello Natalie, I am interested in the arabesque venato tile for my floor and shower along with 6×12 tiles, do you think this is a good combination? and what would you recommend for trims dome or bullnose any suggestions would be most welcome. thank you. Kimala

    • Good evening/Afternoon Kimala,

      Thank you for your message.

      We have found through all the room scenes we have seen who ever keeps it most simple usually gets it right, not only visually but from the perspective of adding value to their home.

      The Venato as you can see from the room scenes page is a popular choice simply because it offers a crisp white look and matches together so well from tile to mosaic to trim. The last thing you want is a funky colored trim messing up the flow of your 5 star bathroom retreat! You want it to match.

      Venato is popular. Over order to take account of any tiles you do not want and to also save some tiles. You would not believe after almost two decades the number of people come back and ask if we can “match up their order from a decade ago”. “Unfortunately not”. It is a one of a kind. A snowflake that is the beauty of it. You are guaranteed that no other person will have your bathroom.

      Keeping left over tile for a time when they perhaps have to break tile to fix a plumbing issue is not a problem if you hand the guys a sheet of mosaic to patch over the area they broke. Because you were super smart, bought extra and have the perfect matching tile. (Not like really angry people we occasionally get that threw it away or returned it, we do try and get the best match but the best match is when you buy it. That moment from that block).

      For trims, 75% of people go with a pencil, it is so traditional. You can be the 25% that does not and go for another trim. But it just seems to appear that the traditional looks gets it right. I think it hinges on the quote “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. As far as we can tell. We have to agree!

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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