Carrara Bianco 1″ Pennyround Mosaic Tile

Carrara Bianco 1" Pennyround MosaicCarrara Bianco 1″ (25m) Pennyround Marble Mosaic Tile $12.95/SF available online from The Builder Depot.  This is an incredible lot of mosaic sometimes it just looks good it has a slightly lighter base and then the perfect veining in the stone, you can see how it shows in this picture.  Lot# BLG050914 (for reference when ordering).

Carrara Pennyrounds SpecificationsLayout of our Carrara Bianco 1″ Pennyrounds.

 Carrara Bianco Pennyrounds TilesPremium 1″ Pennyround Mosaic Tile incredible how they cut this stone into circles.  What perhaps is equally amazing is the fact that we can sell this quality for $12.95 a sheet.  How long will this stay in stock?  Not long with retailers selling this for $40.00/SF+.  Why do we sell for just $12.95/SF – because we can.  Keeping our operational costs low and getting this direct from the quarry is the key to being able to sell for incredible prices.  You won’t see us advertising in Home and Garden for hundreds of thousands of dollars or fancy graphics with pictures of ladies in tile dresses.  All our pictures are taken by our warehouse employees with just an iPhone.  That is “No Frills Marketing” taken to the extreme.

6 Responses to Carrara Bianco 1″ Pennyround Mosaic Tile

  1. Kristen Cahill says:

    Are these safe to use in shower stall ? My water has lots of calcium and lime….I want to use these with light gray grout….with glossy white subway tiles on wall with bright white grout. Thoughts? I want function over fashion… this is why im curious of how the stones will hold up on the shower floor.

    • Hi Kristen,

      It is 100% Italian marble from Carrara the Tuscan region of Italy. It has been outside and rained on for millions of years. Probably a some nasty chemicals in the rain throughout it’s history. It comes out of the mountain beautiful.

      The difference I think will be the sealer. Marble should be sealed, invest in a good sealer. An example would be one from DuPont and their Stonetech collection.

      Another idea is buy a sample. Put in your shower as it is. See what happens. Put it in without a sealer.

      My guess is it will do the same as the piece of 12×12″ Carrara my coffee pot rests on and spills onto and I leave the spoon on it, nothing. I wanted to try its durability, coffee seemed a good challenge. It has now been 3 years an unsealed piece of Carrara sits underneath my coffee pot and while the coffee leaves a momentary mark and goes dark as it absorbs the water when I wipe it. Within 10 mins it is gone. Nothing seems to stain it (I have also tried red wine).

      As long as you are buying the “Bianco Carrara” it needs to be 100% Italian Marble, no iron deposits (ours does not). Then sealed correctly you should be in the clear.

      The sealer is the key. That is what the water will be in contact with. You may need to re-seal more frequently, follow the instructions on the sealer, or better yet. When the installer comes to seal, watch him or her do it, then you will know how for when it is your turn (this also ensures it is correctly sealed without looking like a “looking over your shoulder micro-manager” person). Your specific water may remove the sealer faster than other water throughout the USA.

      I hope that helps.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

      • Kristen says:

        Oh my goodness, thank you for this prompt reply. Unfortunately, I cannot get a sample as I live in Costa Rica, I will have to take your word for it & order through your company. I have a 3 m2 space for it. Can you confirm that I will need to order 3 cases? I think your mesh I 1 foot size.
        I would have you ship to a Miami address that will ship them to me. What is your shipping cost? As well is what is the total w/taxes on shipping to Miami address? I will then have to pay taxes on it when in Costa Rica….I need to price all this to see if worth shipping. Costa Rica is awful w/taxes😔 Also, what weight would it be too? I will need this info or pricing to understand ship cost. Thank you, sorry to be so wordy. Have a beautiful evening.

      • Hi Kirsten,

        You would go online and place the order shipping to your Miami address. The page after “Add to cart” you scroll down and their is a shipping calculator.

        The FAQ shows the details:

        You would need someone there to receive it.

        Then once you have it, you probably would want to re-pack it or you may want to make some packaging choices while you have it in the USA for the best way to re-enforce the packing for shipments overseas.

        Marble mosaics weigh 4Lbs a square foot, while UPS Ground is happy with an “Approximate” weight, you may have to get an exact weight for shipping overseas. The products ships in boxes of 5 square feet or sheets, but you order by the sheet.

        The mosaics cover a square foot. But you would want to add 10-15% for cuts and waste, you would be surprised at how much waste there is depending on the layout of the room.

        Please order online. Enter your shipping address, a good email (check your spam folder if you have not received shipping within 3 business days) and you will be emailed the tracking.

        We are based in Alpharetta, GA. One state up so shipping from our location will be quick.

        Best of luck getting to Costa Rica, if it is a route you decide upon.

        Thank you
        The Builder Depot.

      • Kristen says:

        Sorry to bother again & again but can you tell me which shape shows less grout between the penny stone or the hexagon? Water is tough here, I notice it’s relentless w/grout color change. My idea is to use a gray grout on marble floor and then with the walls I want to use shiny white subway tiles w/bright white grout. Do you see your mosaics working well with this plan?

  2. No bother at all.

    It is approximately 2mm. If the water is tough then perhaps consider a tougher stone. I am not familiar with the Geology in Costa Rica, but if they have no limestone which is marble, it will be because it has been eroded.

    Will marble erode in your lifetime, no. In a few thousand years perhaps. (So maybe it is a non-issue).

    Harder natural stones are options. We do not sell them. Granite is incredibly hard.

    You also have options for manmade products like a porcelain.

    Thank you

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