Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon Honed Mosaic Tile

Calacatta 1x1 Hexagon Mosaic Marble TileNew container arrives with this rather perfect lot of Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon Honed Mosaic for $15.95/SF.  Please place the order online and reference: ‘Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon Lot# 03052014’

Calacatta 1x1 Hexagon MosaicOur products are always well above average excellent I would say, but occasionally you open a crate and it is just extraordinary there is no rhyme or reason, it perhaps was a quarter of a block, some left over field tiles from a million dollar casino project who knows how.  All I know is that I love to open the crates.  Then just occasionally you see this.  There are selfish reasons, I have to do my own bathrooms so I am always on the lookout for the exceptional.  But this really is incredible Calacatta.  It will sell fast.  If you would like to buy this particular lot you will have to mention the reference number in the comments of your online order.  Reference it: ‘Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon Lot# 03052014’ (not very creative name but it will get you product from this lot).  There is 360 sheets to a crate.  My guess is this will be all gone by May 20th.  So if you are reading this in June, I apologize.


Above is a more recent picture this is taken on Friday Sept 9th 2016. The quality if anything has improved just slightly we have got the base even whiter. 2016 really has been a comeback year for Calacatta Gold.

2 Responses to Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon Honed Mosaic Tile

  1. Kathleen Collins says:

    Please send me a current picture of the 1″ x 1″ Calacatta Hex Mosaic Italian Gold honed and the matching 6″ x 12″ base

    • Hi Kathleen, Thank you for your message. Can you please send an email to please include the square footage (so they know which lot to take a picture from…. for example no point taking a picture of the 100 Square Foot lot, if you need 120 Square Feet). Then we will be able to send pictures. I always think pictures are a great idea before shipping Calacatta Gold.

      Thank you
      Any questions please let us know.
      The Builder Depot.

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