Carrara Venato 5×5″ Hexagon Mosaic

Carrara Venato 5x5 HexagonCarrara Venato 5×5″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile $13.95SF

10 Responses to Carrara Venato 5×5″ Hexagon Mosaic

  1. Margaret says:

    Can you use this tile on a bathroom floor?

    • Hello Margaret. Yes you can use this on a bathroom floor. I would estimate that is where 95% of all our 5″ Hexagon ends up.
      Any questions please let me know. Thank you. The Builder Depot.

  2. Colleen says:

    Are these tiles porous? Do they stain easily?

    • Hi Colleen, All Natural Stone is Porous. So you must use a penetrating sealer to stop it being so. All natural stone I believe is porous. It is the purpose of the product it acts like natures giant sieve to purify water.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

      Yes, sealers. The professionals do seem to like the Stone Tech Collection from DuPont.

  3. kylie says:

    would this tile be good for an entry way/door if its sealed?

    • Hi Kylie,

      Thank you for your message.

      Yes. It is in the entry way and in a store on 5th Avenue NYC. It is in a lot of commercial settings, so residential should not be an issue.

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

  4. Lynsi says:

    This is real Marble right? Not just tile that looks like marble. Just wanted to make sure before I ordered. I was not able to get anyone on the phone.

  5. Judy says:

    Can the 5 inch hex be used on a shower floor? Does it have enough flexibility for that use?

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